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Apache Cassandra Lunch #82: Instaclustr Managed Cassandra and Next.js

In Cassandra Lunch #82, we will discuss how to set up a Instaclustr managed Cassandra on Next.js. The live recording of Cassandra Lunch, which includes a more in-depth discussion and a demo, is embedded below in case you were not able to attend live. If you would like to attend Apache Cassandra Lunch live, it is hosted every Wednesday at 12 PM EST. Register here now!

What is Instaclustr

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Instaclustr helps organizations deliver applications at scale by operating and supporting their data infrastructure through its SaaS platform for open source technologies.

For companies of all sizes, Instaclustr is a one-stop destination for deploying, managing and monitoring all components of the data infrastructure. Instaclustr allows companies to focus internal development and operational resources on building cutting-edge customer-facing applications.

Instaclustr – Support for open source

The Instaclustr Platform is your one-stop destination for deploying, managing, and monitoring all components of your data layer and related infrastructure, all managed and operated in unison by the same provider with no competing agendas or priorities.

  • Store
    • Apache Cassandra
    • PostgreSQL
    • Redis
  • Stream
    • Apache Kafaka
    • Kafka Connect
    • Apache ZooKeeper
  • Analyze
    • Apache Spark
  • Search
    • OpenSearch

Cassandra and Next.js

Quite simply, Next.js is a React framework for developing single page Javascript applications. The benefits of this framework are numerous, both for our clients’ applications as well as for our development team. The more we, as users, interact digitally, the more impatient we become as our expectations are not met by websites and apps that fail to load within milliseconds. Technology decisions play a large part in being able to deliver highly performant, scalable, successful applications and as such, we have started using Next.js for a number of reasons; for the most part related to speed and performance. So what are the benefits specifically?

  • Server Side Rendering (SSR)
  • Automatic code splitting
  • Hot Module Replacement (HMR)
Cassandra and Next.js presentation image of Next.js logo.


Cassandra.Link is a knowledge base that we created for all things Apache Cassandra. Our goal with Cassandra.Link was to not only fill the gap of Planet Cassandra but to bring the Cassandra community together. Feel free to reach out if you wish to collaborate with us on this project in any capacity.

We are a technology company that specializes in building business platforms. If you have any questions about the tools discussed in this post or about any of our services, feel free to send us an email!