The Worthy Web – Dec. 31, 2010

Happy New Year! Certain people around the other side of the globe have already experienced 2011. For me, the New Year started last week. I tend to take every day as an adventure, so I started working on my New Year’s resolutions last week. I also have a laminated card with 50 things I want to do in five or fewer years. I keep it with me and look at it now and then to make sure I’m on track. It’s a list of habits and goals which I want to make part of my life. I’m not sure how well New Year’s resolutions work, but I do know that trying to do things on a day-by-day basis is generally a good strategy. Big accomplishments can only be done in bite-size chunks. The old saying that “Rome wasn’t built in a day” applies to everything in life and business.I hope these links help you get started or become prosperous this year in business. If you don’t work for yourself now, maybe you can set a goal to do so in the future. Here’s one I can suggest to you:
By this time next year, you’ll have a company that’s generating enough revenue so that you can quit your job.
I can’t make that happen – only you can.


David Rachall III, CEO Fitness Trainer
David is fighting obesity, creating a career path for fitness trainers and working towards a healthier America. Read up and see how one fitness trainer wants to change our country.
The Business Beat Podcast
This podcast is published by the Penguin publishing company and has really good interviews with authors of business books that they release.
Kauffman: The Decade of the Woman Entrepreneur
Two women interviewed by the Kauffman Foundation talk about issues in entrepreneurship for women. Did you know that only 3 percent of Fortune 500 CEOs are women?
Whose Life are you Going to Change?
Read this personal story of how one person changed a VC’s life and how in turn he ended up “paying it forward.”

Entrepreneurial Thought Leaders Podcast
Broadcast from Stanford and available on iTunes. Legendary entrepreneurs talk about the big ideas in business.
Brazil’s richest man: the possibilities for Rio’s transformation are limitless
“I look at Rio’s future, I see a mixture of California, New York and Houston,” says entrepreneur Eike Batista. Read on to see how he’s going to change the face of Brazil.
Foursquare’s Founder Dennis Crowley’s Top 6 Pieces of Advice for Entrepreneurs
These are great. It’s a slideshow with important piece of advice. Here’s my favorite: “Stop Sketching, Start Doing.”
How to create a startup country
Imagine a trillion-dollar business. A nation consisting entirely of start-up ventures. Kurzweil’s blog never ceases to amaze me.
The Homepreneurs: Growing by Leaps and Bounds
This is a great testament to the power of home-based business. A great chart that you can use to convince yourself to start working for yourself at home today.


How and Why you Should Assess Your Life
When is the last time you examined your life? This is a good guide to figuring out what in your life can be improved.
The Enterprise of One: How New Entrepreneurs are Taking Advantage of the Great Reset
I love how books keep coming out explaining what wealready believe in. Micro-enterprises are the future of how the world will conduct business.
Solitude and Leadership
I read this article earlier this year and recommended it to several people. I think it’s a great perspective on the wrong and right kinds of leadership.
To Run a Startup, You Must Stay in High Learn Mode
Though this is self-explanatory, this blog post gives eight principles which can help you always be learning.
Business Failure Rates Highest in First Two Years
If you can survive the world of business for two years, you might be able to make it for good. The chart in the article shows failure rates by industry.
All Successful Innovation Needs a Champion and Ownership
Great points to help an innovation champion in companies small and large. Remember, nothing beats face-to-face.
Eight Tips to Help an Entrepreneur Just Say ‘No’
Sometimes, business people have to refuse work or reject ideas. Here are eight quick tips to help discern whether something is a ‘Yes’ or a ‘No’.
Strategic Creativity: imagine the unseen
Einstein was right about imagination, amongst other concepts. This article says that “creativity was identified as the most important leadership competency for enterprises seeking success in the contemporary business world.”
The Entrepreneur Self-Test
If you are an entrepreneur, you don’t need to take this test, but take it anyways to see how entrepreneurial you really are and what aspects about yourself you can improve.
5 Tips for Hiring Legal Counsel in Your Small Business
I’ve always wondered why lawyers are necessary. But, as this article explains, as a business gets increasingly complex it does need a specialist in legal issues.


An Entrepreneur’s Entrepreneur
A great look at the managing director of NYCSeed, a private-public initiative that wants to help technology entrepreneurs in NYC. Hmm … my business partner lives in NYC. This might just work out.
5 Ways Cities are Using Social Media to Reverse Economic Downturn
If your city is not doing it, maybe you can get involved with your community with your know-how in social media.
Turn your Expertise into Dollars Online
This article on Mashable has five very easy ways to get started in selling your knowledge for money. Become part of a growing group of knowledge workers that are capitalizing on their talent online.
The Most Popular Presentations of 2010
Read up on which presentations are popular on Slideshare, a free slide and presentation sharing website.
75 Essential Small Business Resources from 2010
No one does lists of useful sites better than Mashable. Social Media, Productivity, Marketing, Getting Started. Definitely take a day and go through these.
15 Groundbreaking Inventions of 2010
New inventions can help you create a business. Read up on some exciting new inventions that could change the world through business. Energy Teleportation. A square that takes credit cards anywhere. Artificial lungs. Synthetic life.
How Tech Tips the Scales in Favor of Young Entrepreneurs
Self-explanatory, but this may convince you to hire young people to start your company (if you aren’t young at heart already).
Contests are springboard for student entrepreneurs.
Business-plan competitions give people a chance to start companies — or at least make connections — while still in college.
21 Excellent Tips for an Amazing and Productive New Year
I think I follow all of these tips already, but I may be wrong. If you don’t do all of these things, you’ll be left behind, for sure.
How to Charm a VC into Mentoring You
Interesting. I know a few VCs, and might end up using some of these tips. If you know anyone else, let me know.

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