Modern enterprise employees and human capital

[Modern Enterprise] People – Key Resources

Modern enterprise employees and human capital
People are what enable Google to be Google.
People are what made Facebook.
Apart from the obvious need need for an idea, an opportunity for that idea to fit a demand with a supply, the enterprise builder needs both physical and intangible resources to create a company. Once created, they need a company of people to perform. A company of one is fine, but a company of many is better.
Why not share the bounty with those that might like working on the same idea, and on blowing something you’re passionate about up into something massive?
The modern enterprise can start lean and grow at any rate. As a resource, people are sometimes the costliest. Technology is getting cheaper and cheaper. Developing human capital can be very expensive but is a must.
How do you evaluate your people resources?
It begins with understanding who you need. If you have split your own responsibilities in a logical manner then it can be easy to put out a job requisition for that role. People will be coming from different backgrounds with different skills. Procuring a new person to join the team even if they are part time is an ordeal. Hiring is difficult.
In eight steps, here is how I personally evaluate the hiring process:
1. Determining need
2. Determining the responsibilities
3. Determining the role
4. Determining the cost
5. Advertising the job
6. Screening Prospects
7. Interviewing Prospects
8. Orienting new hires
Hiring really is not just as easy as posting an ad on Craigslist.
That may be one place you advertise, but it shouldn’t be the only place.
Because people are the costliest, and most critical resource in any organization, go slow and make good hires.
If you would like to learn more about how Anant meticulously combs through potential hires to find the cream of the crop, and how you can apply our best practices to your own organization, get in touch with us directly here.

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