The Rare Find: Spotting Exceptional Talent Before Everyone Else

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Why did I choose this resource?

I chose this resource to help improve our recruiting process and to learn how to recognize an A employee who may not be an obvious choice.

What did you learn from it?

I learned skills to help make accurate early assessments of who has the right stuff, and who does not by non traditional methods.

Key Knowledge

  • Central Principles
    • Look for hidden virtues  – Resilience
      • Work hard, don’t complain, and don’t lose faith.
      • Come back tomorrow morning and do it again.
    • Learn something new – find the diamond in the rough
    • Push your candidates to be better – look for motivation
  • Before reviewing resumes, write up a list of desired traits
    • Based on these traits, sort resumes in 3 piles; Yes, no, and maybe.
    • The maybe piles is for “jagged resumes,” ones that don’t exactly fit in either the yes or no pile
  • Methods for reviewing “jagged resumes”
    • Compromise on experience, not character.
    • Use your experiences to relate to candidates
    • Hold an “audition,” witness why a person succeeds
  • How to spot hidden winners
    • Ask a series of questions that require a candidate to explain their character.
    • These questions should ask about rewarding experiences, overcoming adversity, areas of pride and moments of exclusion
  • Look for ‘effort’ people.
  • Hold auditions for candidates
    • exposes strengths and flaws
    • shows the real candidate, see beyond a great resume (someone who looks great on paper may not actually be an A player)
  • The key techniques for unconventional searches for talent:
    • Break down barriers that restrict where you look.
    • When exploring, ask: “What can go right?”
    • Figure out how to take tiny chances — so you can take more of them.
  • Positive enthusiastic approach when first speaking with a candidate. Next meeting, move to “inquisition” and “decision.”
  • Main Three Principles when searching for your next star employee
    • Widen the scope
    • See inspiration that is in front of you
    • Keep talent searches simple

How are you using what you learned?

I am using what I learned to create a new outline of questions for interviews as well as creating new methods for finding great talent.

Key Changes / Key Actions

  • Organize resumes into 3 groups, not 2
  • Examine the “maybe” pile further to find a hidden A player


  • Name : The Rare Find
  • Author : George Anders
  • Link to Book

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