Mind like Water – Getting to Continuous Delivery (Rahul Singh – Anant)



On January 19, 2016, Rahul Singh, the CEO at Anant gave a speech titled “Mind like Water – Getting to Continuous” at the DC Continuous Delivery Meetup group. This speech was about implementing changes in organizations as they relate to development operations.


This speech covered the following topics:

  • What is cultural change?
  • The “change management” methods. Do they work?
  • Practical change is incremental changes
  • Lasting change comes from core values.
  • How priorities are driving us to continuous everything.


Through his time leading Anant, Rahul went through several iterations of cultural changes in order to make the company more focused, growth-minded, and mindful of engaging in continuous improvment. One of these improvements was the implementation of continuous integration and continuous deployment (“CICD”). Anant has implemented this practice on several projects. 


This talk showed the attendees how Anant struggled through this change and the biggest obstacles we faced.



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