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Apache Cassandra Lunch #62: Grafana Dashboard for Apache Cassandra

In Apache Cassandra Lunch #62, guest speaker Sarma Pydipally presented on the Grafana Dashboard for Cassandra. The live recording of Cassandra Lunch, which includes a more in-depth discussion and a demo, is embedded below in case you were not able to attend live. If you would like to attend Apache Cassandra Lunch live, it is hosted every Wednesday at 12 PM EST. Register here now!

Grafana Dashboard for Apache Cassandra

We appreciate Sarma Pydipally for taking the time to create a presentation and sharing his knowledge of the Grafana Dashboard and how it can be used with Apache Cassandra.

Grafana Dashboard

Grafana Dashboards is an open-source data and analytics visualization tool. Some key features of Grafana include visualization, queries, alerts, and metrics exploration. It allows users to take data from their time-series databases (TSDBs) and create graphs and visualizations.


Prometheus is an open-source monitoring system. It records and tracks real-time metrics in a time series database. Prometheus supports flexible queries using PromQL and supports real-time alerting. It collects data through a pull model. The Prometheus server queries various data sources from a list at a set frequency and updates the current values based on these queries.


Apache Cassandra is a highly available and highly scalable, open-source, distributed NoSQL database. Cassandra features proven fault-tolerance on hardware or in the cloud.

Grafana Dashboard with Prometheus and Cassandra

To find out more about how to use Grafana Dashboard with Cassandra, please check out Sarma’s video and presentation embedded below. The GitHub repo to the demo featured in the presentation is linked below.

Grafana Dashboard for Cassandra architecture diagram.



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