3 Useful Apache Cassandra Tools Pt. 4

Apache Cassandra is a free and open-source NoSQL database management system that is designed to handle large amounts of data with no single point of failure. In this post, I’m going to highlight 3 different tools that make life easier when using Apache Cassandra.

The first tool that we are going to talk about is called Helonos. It is a free web-based environment that simplifies data exploring & schema management when using Apache Cassandra. Its main features include:

  • Exploring schema
  • Viewing properties of keyspaces and column families
  • Add / remove / truncate column family
  • Add / Drop keyspace
  • Data browsing via:
    • keyRange
    • predicate
  • Results pagination
  • CQL support
  • Authentication
  • Admin and read-only roles

Its current version is 1.5 but 1.6 is in the pipeline with several features on the wishlist. Follow this link if you wish to see a preview of the tool in action.

The second tool that we are going to talk about is called tip-cluster. It is a provisioning tool designed to benchmark and test Apache Cassandra. It assists with builds and starting instances on AWS. It mains features include:

  • Initializing Clusters
  • Launching Instances
  • Installing Cassandra

The last tool we’re are going to talk about is called Datadog. It’s an open-source, software that lets you collect and report metrics from your hosts so that you can view and monitor them in Datadog. It’s main features include:

  • Seamlessly aggregates metrics and events across the full DevOps stack.
  • Monitor, troubleshoot, and optimize application performance.
  • Quickly search, filter, and analyze your logs for troubleshooting and open-ended exploration of your data.
  • End-to-end user experience visibility in a single platform.
  • High-resolution metrics and events for manipulation and graphing.
  • Visibility across teams.
  • Notifies you of performance problems, whether they affect a single host or a massive cluster.
  • Full API access to bring observability to all your apps and infrastructure.

The best part about this tool is that it only takes 1 command to install!

Cassandra.Link is a knowledge base that our team created to act as a central POI for all things Apache Cassandra. Our goal with Cassandra.Link was to not only fill the gap of Planet Cassandra but we want to bring the Cassandra community, no matter what variant they use, together. Feel free to reach out if you wish to collaborate with us on this project in any capacity.

We are a technology company that specializes in building business platforms. If you have any questions about the tools discussed in this post or about any of our services, feel free to send us an email!

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Photo by Pankaj Patel on Unsplash