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5 Best Technology News Websites

There is undoubtedly an information overload happening in today’s increasingly digital society. Amongst all the noise it’s become incredibly hard to get good actionable information pertinent to your interests. In this post, we cover a few of our favorite technology news and discussion sources on the web.


Keep in mind that none of these technology news websites are perfect…that doesn’t exist. There is an inherent echo and various biases across all these news sources as they all focus primarily on technology. But, at the end of the day, the majority of people who write and engage in discussion on these sites usually have well-thought-out ideas that we all could learn from.


HackerNews is a website created by the famous incubator Y Combinator. It’s the best discussion website your author has ever seen on the web due to its high standards of discussion, standards, and respect between members of the community. People are able to submit links to articles to HackerNews, whereas members then vote via a point system for which articles they like best. Articles are ranked daily based on points they’ve received and each article contains a discussion section which is often very high caliber.

This submitted article titled “American society increasingly mistakes intelligence for human worth (2016)” generated a lot of interesting discussion around it. Topics of conversation usually revolve around technology but can often veer into a different direction altogether if the community deems it worthy of discussion.

Pro Tip: Use this website powered by Algolia to search HackerNews.


Y Combinator Blog

Since we’re on a Y Combinator kick already we should mention that Y combinator’s blog is a great place to get information if you’re a startup or technology firm that wants to learn more about how to get started and conduct business successfully in the long-term. They have great authors who consistently put out interesting content, a lot of founder interviews, as well as very interesting pieces on some of the companies that are part of their incubator.



IndieHackers is an online forum where entrepreneurs who are seeking to build, are building, or have built online SaaS businesses. It’s a great place to learn about what it takes to get your idea off the ground and learn from experienced industry professionals. A lot of interesting discussions can always be found there, one of our favorite articles from recent times is this discussion around what tech you should be using in 2018.



Medium is a sort of publishing platform that’s gained a lot of popularity in the last 5 years. It focuses on creating a clean reading interface for users that is free of advertisements and other unnecessary distractions. They sum up what they are quite nicely on their about page here. Once you sign up you can choose topics you are interested and Medium will give you suggestions of articles you may like. In our opinion, the best way to use Medium is to initially find a couple of good authors or companies that you like and follow them. As time goes along you should refine who you follow and what topics truly interest you to have a truly personally curated Medium experience.


We like the Capital One Tech Medium page a lot and their writing on data related topics is thorough and engaging.



FlowingData is a one-of-a-kind website that focuses on creating articles that heavily rely on data, specifically data visualizations. It’s less of a written content website but nonetheless conveys information in a stunning way. Their latest article on Most Common Jobs, By State is worth a look!


Honorable Mentions

Perhaps some of the aforementioned “news” websites aren’t exactly traditional technology news websites. Thus, if you are looking for a more run-of-the-mill news website that focuses on technology I would recommend FastCompany, Inc.,  Wired, The Verge, Gizmodo, or The Next Web (TNW).


Is there any really good technology news source that you love that we might have missed? Let us know and perhaps we can add it to this post!




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