A Hybrid Approach to Project Management

There are a multitude of project management techniques for software development, but which one is ideal for your company? At Anant, we believe a hybrid approach is best for the Modern Enterprise. CEO Rahul Singh recently presented our approach at the Agile Leadership Network Meetup.

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No single project management method will work for all organizations; however, many companies select and approach without assessing what techniques can be incorporated from other styles. Even though the traditional waterfall software development life cycle (SDLC) method is falling out of style, it is absurd to completely dismiss it in favor of something shiny and new (e.g. Agile) without analysis.


Both methodologies have strong attributes that can be useful to your organization. The key is finding which pieces to assimilate into your method, and which to avoid. This mix is different for each enterprise.

In the following clip Rahul talks about some of the ways Anant uses a combination of Getting Things Done (GTD), SDLC, and Agile to better prioritize client tasks (also known as stories).

See the slides below for more information pertaining to this talk. The main topics covered include:

  • Why Care So Much About This?
  • SDLC – Initial Requirements & Specifications
  • Agile – Cycles of Continuous Improvement
  • GTD – Mind Like Water

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