Apache Cassandra Lunch #24: Cassandra Use Cases

In case you missed it, this blog post is a recap of Cassandra Lunch #24, covering different use cases for Cassandra. We will discuss a number of use cases for Cassandra, focusing on Cassandra’s place in running a digital business technology platform. Also, the live webinar recording of Apache Cassandra Lunch #24 is embedded below in case you were not able to attend live. If you would like to attend Apache Cassandra Lunch live, it is hosted every Wednesday at 12 PM EST. Register at this link now!

Use Cases

Customer Experience Platforms

Customer experience platforms determine what end users see when interacting with a company. Contains the main customer-facing elements, such as customer and citizen portals, multichannel commerce, and customer apps. Partners and staff as well as the CMO/CTO/CIO may all be involved with the customer experience platforms alongside customers.

Use Cases

  • ECommerce – Business to Customer Purchasing, Returns, In-Store Pickup, Order Tracking, Auctions, Reservations, Payment Processing, Localization, Customer to Customer Auctions
  • Loyalty Programs – Rewards, Point Programs, Paid Memberships
  • Personalization – Content Recommendations, Real-Time Recommendation, Stream Data Processing



Data and Analytics Platforms

Reports info to data scientists, data analysts, data engineers, data architects. Runs analytics on other platform components as well as on user data. Contains information management and analytical capabilities. Data management programs and analytical applications fuel data-driven decision making, and algorithms automate discovery and action. CDO/CIO/CTO/CFO may be integral to the development of this platform.

Use Cases

  • Customer 360 – Entity Resolution, Customer Journey, Customer Analytics, Customer Search, Streaming Data Processing, Customer Routing
  • Fraud Detection – Identity Validation/Verification, Historical Behaviors, Behavior Alerting, Known Fraud, Unknown Fraud, Human Transaction Review



Information Systems Platform

For the use of employees and staff within the company. Supports the back of€ce and operations, such as ERP and core systems. CIO/COO/CFO are involved execs.

Use Cases

  • Asset Monitoring – Asset Identity, Auditing Activities, Identification Information – QR/RFID
  • Identity Management – SSO, Master Identity Database, Real-Time Identity Linked, Identity Management, Merging Identities, Record Log
  • Logistics – Shipment Tracking, Calculating the Routes, Capacity Planning, Trucking
  • Inventory – Tracking, Product Properties / Searchable, Package / Group, Returns, Inventory Marketing
  • Security & Compliance – Access Control, Compliance Checks, Audit Logging


Healthcare Records, Pega CRM/ERP

Internet of Things Platforms

Gets and also pushes data to devices.  Connects physical assets for monitoring, optimization, control, and monetization. Capabilities include connectivity, analytics, and integration to core and OT Systems. CTO/COO/CIO are involved execs.

Use Cases

  • Sensor Data
  • Telemetry

API Ecosystems

Defines how other entities interact with the company via API. Supports the creation of, and connection to, external ecosystems, marketplaces, and communities. API management, control, and security are the main elements. CTO/COO are involved execs.


Kong API Gateway, APIgee API Gateway, RestBase API Gateway

Find specific at our Cassandra.link use case page here.


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