Developer Workshop – Building a REST API with Cassandra using Python and Node

Rahul Singh, CEO, and Co-founder at Anant, recently co-hosted a virtual workshop as a part of the Datastax Developer Workshop series on building a REST API with Cassandra on DataStax Astra using python and node.

DataStax Astra is a cloud-native database-as-a-service built on Apache Cassandra.


Setting Up Gitpod

Go to Continue reading while gitpod loads. Gitpod is an online IDE based on Eclipse Theia.

You can also watch this webinar (listed at the end of this post) for more information regarding how we built these APIs and why we chose to use DataStax Astra and an online IDE like Gitpod.

REST and Microservices

Trends in data management have moved away from monolithic solutions towards more distributed ones. REST apis, microservices and event driven architectures all provide data in a distributed fashion.

Cassandra Basics

Cassandra is a distributed NoSQL database. It has a master less architecture with a ring of nodes that store specific ranges of data.

Datastax Astra

Astra is Cassandra as a managed service by Datastax. It allows us to focus on our features rather than spending time on the architecture. Launch Astra at Set up your account and your free database. Get the credentials zip file and add the needed info to the credentials JSON file in Gitpod.

Hands On Demo

First, run the data importer based on the instructions in the readme files. Run either the python or node API. Can view through a Gitpod-given URL, via curl requests, or via Postman tests.

We are also including the SlideShare associated with the webinar for additional information as well.


Cassandra.Link is a knowledge base that we created for all things Apache Cassandra. Our goal with Cassandra.Link was to not only fill the gap of Planet Cassandra, but to bring the Cassandra community together. Feel free to reach out if you wish to collaborate with us on this project in any capacity.

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