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Episerver Business Platform Insights

What is Episerver?

As per the Episerver website, the platform allows “You to easily manage content and marketing campaigns in one screen and no longer need to rely on IT to create new experiences.”


The product is a leader in Web Content Management Software (WCMS) and allows your team to control content over multiple digital channels such as web, mobile web, mobile native, and tablet.  Once thought to be a small player, Episerver continues to climb up the Gartner WCMS ratings every year for its lightweight framework and agile upgrading features.


Below are some insights into Episerver

  • Built on ASP.NET MVC and includes Rest-based APIs for integration
  • Episerver’s core content model is page and feature based
  • Customers tend to go to market usually from implementation partners
  • Provides both an On-Premise and Cloud offering with 24/7/365 Support
  • Heavily invested in Personalization and Machine Learning
  • Automates your enterprise with tools and content recommendations
  • Commerce aware including ways to drag and drop products on to pages in one interface, product catalog management and payment with checkout.
  • Product updates are handled through NuGet packages, allowing the product to constantly stay up-to-date in an agile manner.

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Manage your Content

Content Editors are one of the most important users (if not the most important) of your web content management platform. In fact, how a product fulfills the goals of editors usually determines the success of the whole project. Episerver makes this easier by allowing editors to modify pages and feature content in real time. They can see how the content looks before they publish it and be confident every digital channel will deliver the expected results.


Create Engaging Experiences

Easily extending and customizing your content business platform is highly important to your development stakeholders. The Episerver team created the product with Microsoft developers in mind to allow for different software development cycles to create rich features for editors.  Developers can choose between WebForms or ASP.NET MVC even though MVC is the best practice.  The platform allows the simple rendering of content requests to the more advanced actions of storing dynamic data or providing personalized content through machine learning.  Engineers can also access a rich API when they have even more demanding integration needs.


Analyze every Customer

Customers need to be able to analyze data in order to prove that their investments are providing a return to their business. Google Analytics has been a leader in the field of real-time cloud analytics and integrates with Episerver out-of-the-box.  Of course, institutions can choose their desired vendor to integrate, however, Google provides a free option that is very easy to install and also integrates with personalized content across your channels.  After installation, stakeholders across your organization can view user analytics in real time to justify and make critical decisions.


Our Business Platform Services

Need help with an Episerver implementation or guidance in creating a tailor-fit design & architecture? Our team has decades of Business Platform experience and can help you transition onto this content management system. Don’t know where to start?  Check out our Services or send us a quick email!



Photo by Matthew Guay on Unsplash