HBR – The First 90 Days in a New CIO Position

Steve Gallagher, Harvard Business School‘s new CIO, lays out a plan for his new responsibilities in the first ninety days. Ninety days or three months is a substantial amount of time to move mountains.

  • Create a Sound Service and Project Management Framework
  • Generate Room for Innovation
  • Know Your Community’s Needs and Cater Your Strategy Accordingly
  • Be Your Organization’s IT Visionary
  • Set a Strategic Vision
  • Lead with Passion

When our firm was getting serious, we examined several different enterprise frameworks such as ITIL that was mentioned by Gallagher. We found that these frameworks were too complicated for a startup or a small business. We created our own and over the past few years, it’s been a life saver.
ITIL Service Lifecycle Model V3
ITIL isn’t bad for startups. It’s just heavy. Imagine trying to run a startup using SAP. There’s no need. As the “Modern Enterprise Framework” evolves in my upcoming book, I’ll remember this article and think about the new CEO or CIO to see how it can help them in the first ninety days of their company.
What will you do this next quarter that transforms your organization’s information or technology to make it better than it was before?

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