Systems – The Best Online Tools to Run a Small Business on the Internet (Part 4)

Over the years, many of our clients at Anant Corporation have asked us about our recommendations for different tools to help them grow their business. In this fourth installment, I will discuss some of the best online tools that small businesses can use.

Products & Services

  1. Amazon Web Services
      This is a go-to tool for any company. Services such as Elastic MapReduce, Kinesis, Elastic Transcoder help process data faster, real-time data streaming, and media transcoding in the cloud.
  2. RackSpace
      This is an ideal public cloud hosting service. They have cloud engineers, architecture advisors, launch managers, code assistance, and security specialists to help take care of all your cloud operations.
  3. Microsoft Azure
      Azure is an open cloud platform that can be used to manage applications across Microsoft datacenters. Additionally, it can be used to build applications using any language. A free trial is available.
  4. Heroku
      This is a cloud computing platform primarily for developers. It specializes in building, running, and scaling apps.
  5. Parse
      This is an app developer. It has an SDK for every device imaginable.
      This is an incredibly useful platform for developing apps. In addition to providing a platform, they help launch your apps.
  7. Firebase
      This is an API for mobile and web apps to be built in real-time. Its defining feature is the ability to work offline.
  8. ZenDesk
      Zendesk takes care of all of your business’ customer service needs. Mainly, you can collect data through consumer feedback.
  9. ActiveCollab
      Think of this as a virtual project manager. It makes managing and collaborating easy, and additionally, you can track time, expenses, and invoice. You can use their cloud service or use your own host server.
  10. WordPress
      WordPress is a free and open source blogging tool (that makes everything you just read possible!) The interface is easy to navigate and clean-cut.


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