Migrating from a Relational Database to Cassandra: Why, Where, When, and How

The Apache Cassandra database has gained popularity because it offers scalability and high availability without compromising performance. Many applications running today were built using relational database technology, however, this technology doesn’t offer the scalability or availability that Cassandra does. This is why many people are considering the switch to Switch to Cassandra. In this post, we will cover everything you need to know about switching from a relational database to Cassandra.

Below is a recording of webinar we held this fall, that talked about the benefits of migrating from any relational database to Apache Cassandra.

Our practice is currently focusing on technologies such as Spark, Cassandra (check out this post on Cassandra vs Databases), Graph, Kafka and DataStax Enterprise and the following are our go-to places for our Data & Analytics brief.

We’ve recently launched Cassandra.link as a public knowledge source for all things Apache Cassandra-related. We use to have this site as an internal-use resource but decided we wanted to share it with the community.

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