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Why Adopt Sitecore for your Business Platform

What is Sitecore?

Sitecore is one platform to manage all your digital experiences through multiple channels.  In plain terms, it’s a commercial product for managing websites, virtual reality, and mobile experiences for organizations and is highly popular among Fortune 500 and 1000 firms. Sitecore is most known for managing content for organizations that require flexibility and a deep understanding of how users are interacting with their digital marketing.  It empowers your company to deliver a unique experience within the context of current and past customer interactions with your brand, across any channel in real time. The result is improved web traffic through a personalized and relevant customer experience. Sitecore also provides best practices to produce default and custom analytics on any user interaction.

This article serves as a resource for professionals to understand why their organizations should adopt Sitecore into their Business Platform.   How does Sitecore fit into your Business Platform?  Your website or a mobile application tends to be the first and continued interaction medium with your customer.  Even if your business does not sell things online or function as a software firm, you still need a web presence to accurately show who you are and what you do. This is where Sitecore fits in.


In today’s world, there are numerous options for creating a web or mobile experience however many have their draw backs. Some require many highly talented employees or some do not work well with other software that your company relies on. Companies are forced to purchase a hodgepodge of software in order to accomplish marketing and business goals. Sitecore presents stakeholders, marketing professionals, content authors, and developers with one platform for all their experience needs that also works well with the leading platforms on the internet.  This allows companies to focus on their business and lowers maintenance costs as Sitecore can take the job of multiple systems.

Create a Unique Digital Experience with Sitecore

Digital Marketing

In the digital age your customers expect the same experience from your brand as they have with other brands.  They expect the same level of functionality and ease of use that they have become accustomed to when interacting with companies on the internet.  Sitecore allows you to create powerful, unique content marketing campaigns and sites to stand out from the competition.  It’s great for redesigning or revolutionizing your web or mobile site for the modern age especially if its been awhile and you’ve collected a long list of digital improvements from your employees.   Your content authors can learn the product quickly and deliver your company’s message to as many targeted customers as possible.  Sitecore is also starting to create experiences receptive to Virtual and augmented devices.  This allows your team to be ready for the next generation of user interaction.

Multiple Channels

Omnichannel (also spelled omni-channel) is a multichannel approach to sales that seeks to provide the customer with a seamless shopping experience whether the customer is shopping online from a desktop or mobile device, by telephone or in a bricks and mortar store. (source)

Sitecore is omnichannel in that it allows your team to use one product to manage infinite ways that a user may interact with your company.   At this point in time, we are beyond the website and the mobile application.  Companies tend to have many sites, applications, mobile interfaces and real store fronts.   The product allows your team to install one platform to manage and tract all these channels not to mention deliver content in a personalized way to ensure every customer receives a unique digital experience.

Content Management

Best practice for site content delivery

Content is King but getting it out to the public is the hard part.  Sitecore architecture allows for your business to create custom workflows in order to deliver content securely and as quickly as possible.  Do you have a marketing team that needs to review every change?  Sitecore provides best practices for moving content between multiple sites and multiple environments such as staging and production with ease.  The platform can also validate content for lawful compliance and alert stakeholders to major issues.  Versioning support is added to allow for recovery and release management because we are all (mostly) humans and accidents happen.

Role Based Secured Access

Everyone wants access but there are too many platforms to support and not enough people.  Sitecore allows your high level administrators to apply best practice standards for secured access to content.  Administrators have the ability to apply security at the very granular field level or to higher nodes on your content hierarchy.  Permissions can be applied to pages, file assets, and modules not to mention workflow to manage the flow and delivery of information as approved by your organization.

Multiple Languages

Sitecore can support numerous languages with your content.  Your team can make one site but release it in however many languages you wish. Content is also versioned by language to give administrators even more peace of mind.  Consumers of your content can also select the language they wish for a more personalized experience.

Integrated E-commerce

E-commerce has been a major focus of Sitecore for the last couple of years.  They have purchased Microsoft Commerce and have improved it in many ways (bug fixes) and fully integrated with the digital experience platform.  Customers can process transactions on any of their sites or create complete stores only for shipping products.  Experience Analytics and marketing can be applied to see how the contact went from stranger to shopper to satisfied customer.

Understand Customer Behavior

Analytics – Stakeholders Love Data

The best way to settle any argument is to back it up with actual results.  Sitecore allows your organization to be “Data Lead”.  You can see what your users are doing in real time and tweak the experience to improve it.  At the end of the day, the user determines your success and only the user knows whats in their best interest.  Therefore, digital experiences should and can be easily tracked within the platform as well as integrated with other services to ensure and prove success.

Machine Learning

Every day organizations are using smart ways and algorithms to stand out from their competitors.  When used correctly, this can make for a powerful and compelling experience.  Instead of simply collecting data and interactions points in your company databases, why not use it to improve and customize your product?  Sitecore allows your team to create Machine Learning routines on your data to constantly improve the digital experience.  Gone are the days where simply content updates will do.  Customers want to feel like they are the only person on the site and it takes Data Science to produce that outcome.  Instead of buying multiple products to support this, use one platform to manage machine learning across your sites and e-commerce.


A high majority of digital pros are prioritizing investment for personalizing the customer experience.  The experience must adapt and grow over time with each user return trip.  If a customer is only buying healthy food or products on your site then why are you still suggesting them products they deem unhealthy?  Sitecore allows you to easily tweak and personalize the experience for your business platform based on data instead of assumptions.

Marketing Automation

Creating a marketing plan for your vision shouldn’t be a hassle.  Sending emails to millions of users based off personalized decisions should be as easy as checking your mail.  Sitecore guides users through campaign building features with Marketers in mind.  Your team can quickly train other team members how to create and automate complex marketing campaigns that include actions from saving contacts to sending emails to taking in feedback.

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