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Sitecore Starter Pack

Sitecore is one of the, if not the, leading enterprise content management system (CMS) currently out there. Its’ target users base tends to be multinational companies that have large multi-site needs. 

If you’re interested in becoming skilled in this widely in-demand software solution, we recommend the following resources to get started. The current market is experiencing a large demand of Sitecore talent, alas there is not enough supply to fulfill that demand – thus many Sitecore projects are understaffed, delivered with little quality, or simply never have the chance to get off the ground like they should.

Sitecore Overview

  1. What is Sitecore?
  2. Why has Sitecore become so popular?
  3. What is Sitecore: a developer’s view of the CMS
  4. Why is Sitecore getting so popular?

Developer Resources

  1. Sitecore Developer Network
  2. Sitecore Training Programs
  3. Free Sitecore Developer 60-day Trial Program
  4. Sitecore Github Page
  5. Sitecore Helix Documentation
    1. Helix is Sitecore’s relatively new recommended set of Sitecore development practices

Interesting Blogs

  1. Sitecore Skills
  2. Sitecore Junkie
  3. Sitecore Basics
  4. Hedgehog
  5. Visions in Code

Interesting Features

  1. In-session Personalization
  2. Setting up Solr
    1. Sitecore Documentation on Solr
  3. Useful Sitecore Features For the Marketers

Need assistance with Sitecore architecture, enhancement, or implementation? Feel free to reach out to our Sitecore lead Eric Ramseur or email us at

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