The Platform Playbook

Anant’s Platform Playbook distills years of knowledge into a scalable, consistent formula. Initially created as a method to train Anant’s team, the playbook has grown to function as a set of best practices when creating, maintaining, and operating modern enterprise business platforms. This business platform intersects with our realtime data & analytics to function as a multi-purpose tool. The playbook is divided into three categories, each with five subsections, for fifteen total plays. Platform principles, framework principles, and approach principles make up the three categories. In this blog post, I’ll also discuss the benefits of having a playbook, the new steps Anant is taking to expand upon the playbook, and how the plays reflect Anant’s core and leadership principles. Anant’s mission is to build scalable data platforms, however, at the company’s core are the people they’re serving. All other aspects of the platform – processes, information, and platform revolve around user experience. Although Anant is a technology company, the heart of its mission is driven by the people. 

List of platform principles for the platform playbook

This playbook aids with project management, consistency, and training. By distilling Anant’s work and core principles into a formula, we are able to manage small, medium, and large projects. This step-by-step process aids new and current employees through a structured right/wrong process, helping with both current projects as well as creating future ones. With this, companies would see the intellectual property we’ve created and know Anant takes its work seriously- as a result, they’re more likely to reach out to us. 

list of framework principles for the platform playbook

Recently, we’ve been looking into ways to expand upon the playbook to reach new audiences. One way of doing this is through our infographics. These infographics are a way of taking technical data and making it more digestible for the reader. We reach a broader audience as a result while catering to different types of learners. The usage of various color schemes, images, and wording markets the playbook in a different way. Within the infographics, you can see Anant’s step-by-step process continued through yes/no questions that lead in different directions. Although the nature of some of the content has changed from playbook to infographic, the process and end results remain identical. 

list of approach principles for the platform playbook

Anant’s core principles and leadership principles are reflected throughout the playbook. These principles serve not only our own employees but also our customers. We created this playbook because we’re passionately driven towards quality results. This playbook serves as a demonstration of how we maintain these quality results and passion for our mission. Our growth mindset keeps the company organized, makes it easier to keep track of progress, and allows us to learn from all past projects. We teach, learn, and communicate our solutions throughout the playbook- educating both our employees and customers. Some of our leadership principles that parallel the playbook’s goals are holding ourselves to the highest standards, thinking big, diving deep, and delivering results. Because we hold ourselves to the highest standard, we chose to create this playbook. We chose to create this playbook, and we hold ourselves accountable for creating, maintaining, and operating the best modern enterprise business platforms. We think beyond just one project, considering ways to expand and innovate throughout the process. This allows us to dive deep into the work we do and deliver structured results according to the steps within the playbook.


Cassandra.Link is a knowledge base that we created for all things Apache Cassandra. Our goal with Cassandra.Link was to not only fill the gap of Planet Cassandra but to bring the Cassandra community together. Feel free to reach out if you wish to collaborate with us on this project in any capacity.

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