Choosing a Web Hosting Provider for Your Platform

There are so many web hosting companies out there how do you know which one to choose? I suggest beginning by evaluating your business platform needs. Besides reviewing the current infrastructure I recommend using Google Analytics or another similar tool to help determine traffic and usage of your platform(s).

Web hosting with computers and the cloud

To begin understanding your needs, you will have to ask yourself questions like,

  • What size disk(s) do I need to store all related website and infrastructure files?
  • How much bandwidth do I need to support traffic to your website or portal?
  • What is the technical level of my team and do they need an easy to use admin panel?
  • Which operating systems are best to build my website(s) on based on cost and programming framework/language?
  • And so on….


Once you have determined the essentials required to host your business platform, you can look into hosting companies based on the following features,

  • Type of hosting
    • Shared web hosting
    • Virtual Private Server (VPS) hosting
    • Dedicated servers
  • Bandwidth
  • Storage space
  • Programming features
  • Website builder
  • E-Commerce support
  • Backups and security
  • SSL Encryption
  • Datacenter location
  • Site uptime and downtime
  • Domain names


Beyond the basic features, some hosting companies will offer

  • Professional web design
  • Marketing tools
  • Email hosting
  • Free site transfers and setups
  • Additional security services
  • Free site builders
  • Domain name registration


Now that you have outlined all you need and want from your web hosting provider, you can begin to compare all the different options. Below is a list of websites that either highlight or compare the top hosting companies available to the public. 


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If you have any questions about the various hosting providers, have feedback on this post, or feel like we missed a crucial point please don’t hesitate to drop us a line at!