Webinar 1: Building Online Business Software 101 (B2B)

Have you considered using Salesforce, Zoho for your app database? Why not? Which cloud hosting should you use? Azure, Amazon, or Heroku? What’s a great starting point for a simple application database that can be used on the web and on my phone? We’ll answer these questions and more. 

Anant and it’s team members have helped businesses build, serve, and scale online software for over 18 years leveraging open source software, hosted services, and global internet networks. If you are trying to build internet software to better connect, organize, or manage information for your team, customers, or vendors watch this webinar to see how to leverage existing systems and not reinvent the wheel like your current web developer, web designer, or self-proclaimed product developer may suggest. 



  • Understanding your Business
    • Discover: Understanding Why, What and Where
    • Architect: Technically Informed Design
      • Interface
      • Software
      • Database
      • Systems
  • Building with Existing Technology
    • Architect: Technically Informed Design
      • Interface Frameworks
      • Software Platforms
      • Databases and APIs
      • Existing Systems Open Source / SaaS
    • Develop: Continuously Iterating & Delivering
  • Launching the App
    • Maintain: Who will Maintain the Software/Database/Systems?
    • Manage: Who will Maintain the Systems?

We will cover the following technologies and how they can help you get a head start in your initial minimum viable product without having to invest 30-50k in web development.

  • Interface: Angular, React, Xamarin iOS/Android
  • Software: .NET / Java / Ruby / PHP
  • Database: Relational / Non Relational
  • Systems: Cloud Platforms, Open Source Systems, Existing SaaS

Although the principles in this webinar are catered towards businesses that need to cater to other businesses, anyone is welcome to join. You can register here.