Sitecore and Docker

Get Started with Docker and Sitecore

Sitecore is quickly becoming a product where cloud and containers have a role to play.   Now that companies are starting to master Sitecore Content Management, they need options for true cloud scale deployment.  This is where docker and cloud services such as Azure or AWS come in.


Developers and IT administrators can create custom Docker compose scripts to ensure delivery follows the polices set by the enterprise.   Below are the steps needed to get started with your first Sitecore Docker experience.



  1. Find your license file or Apply for Developer license here
    1. You will need a Sitecore License file or the product will not function
  2. Establish your Environment
    1. Currently Windows 10 Professional or 2016 Server are required to use Docker (on Windows)
    2. If you have the budget, Azure and AWS are perfect places to create a Virtual Machine
    3. Download your Version of Sitecore
      1. Version 9 is one of the best to use as it is the latest version and most docker scripts support it
  3. Install Docker for Windows
    1. Install docker and docker compose here.
  4. Create a fork of the following User Community Repositories 
    1. This will allow you to make custom changes for your needs or fix issues
  5. Clone your fork to your Environment
    1. Choose the Site Version you want to deploy from fork
      1. Sitecore 8.2 and Below
        1. The Sitecore Community provides Docker scripts for most of the released versions of Sitecore
        2. However your team must create the Docker compose file from scratch ( which isnt too bad)
      2. Sitecore 9
        1. The Sitecore Community provides many Docker and Compose scripts to model your environment on
          1. Git Clone the Sitecore Nine Docker repository to your environment
  6. Deploy Sitecore 9
    1. Review and follow Instructions here.
      1. Copy your license over to the proper folder
      2. Copy the Sitecore dacpac file installations you wish to include in your containers
      3. Docker Compose up
      4. Docker inspect to find the IP of your Sitecore Installation