Operations & Infrastructure Vision

When we created the responsibility areas in Anant Corporation, we derived them from personal areas of responsibilities for a balanced individual. “Operations & Infrastructure” was synonymous to “Health, Energy, and Fitness” because a person’s health ultimately determines their ability to act on anything they think about.

Create the most efficiently run company in the world with the highest customer satisfaction in the industry.


Operations is the core engine of our firm’s ability to act on our vision. In a company, we have different categories and levels of work. Our discipline of focusing, prioritizing, and improving the way we work will be embedded in our management systems. The way we

  1. Priority – Our company’s Priority One system takes precedence and oversees all other processes, programs, and projects. This applies to us on all time cycles whether it be today or this year.
  2. Program – Our company’s Programs such as each Responsibility Area or supporting programs should be managed as a portfolio of supporting projects and processes with clear outcomes, and timelines.
  3. Process – Our company’s Processes that are recurring should clearly outlined with a goal to define, automate and liberate ourselves from doing things that other companies or computers can do better.
  4. Project – Our company’s Projects whether they are for Clients or Anant need to be managed with the same excellence and clarity so that our company is an example for others. 


Our infrastructure is crucial to our ability to execute our priorities, programs, processes, and projects. As a modern enterprise we have a combination of online and offline infrastructure components, some of which are ours and others which are not.

  1. Online – Our online information and systems technology should consist of the most practical tools and assets we can use to deliver our client Service, produce and deliver our Products, and serve up our Sites at scale.
  2. Offline – Our offline office, communications, documents, and equipment are crucial to our operation as a face to face company with clients. Our offline infrastructure should grow on a city by city basis so that we can better engage our clients and use our foothold to grow our Product and Site brands.


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