Finance & Accounting Vision

Our company’s existence depends on our ability to raise our top line revenue, manage our bottom line efficiently to be profitable, invest our time and resources into individuals, teams, or companies in the Anant family that are aligned with our vision and focus. By creating revenue, being efficient with our expenses, and investing in the right initiatives, we will be profitable so that we can continue to grow and help entrepreneurs everywhere do the same.

Create the most profitable service company in the world with the most fairly compensated team members.


Our financial management team should strive to manage our company’s assets with the discipline of a financial asset management company. Our people, resources, and ideas are valuable assets that should be treated as investments.

  1. Capital – Our company’s capital consists of a combination of soft and hard assets beyond cash in our accounts and will eventually include publicly traded shares. These need to be managed and tracked.
  2. Portfolio – Our company’s future is in managing a portfolio of Products and Ventures in addition to providing the best internet consulting Client Service.
  3. Banking – Our cash, savings, and external invests should be managed with the utmost professionalism and ethical practices.
  4. Debt – While we would like to work without debt for as long as we can, we may need to take a loan to spur growth.


Our accounting and managerial team should be more than a book keeping and accounting operation. It should measure the progress of our company so that relevant team members see growth as more than dollars and percentages of profit, but also as growth in our team, customers served, and knowledge in our company.

  1. Budgeting – Our budgeting processes should strive to be accurate and account for risks in Services, Products, or Ventures
  2. Accounting – Our accounting practices should accurately measure the inflow and outflow of cash as well as the Key Performance Indicators in our firm.
  3. Reporting – Our reports should be readily available to relevant team members to know how we are doing.
  4. Accounts Payable – Our accounts payable should be paid on time  with an emphasis on making sure our human capital is paid first after any infrastructure related costs.
  5. Accounts Receivables – Our accounts receivables should be automated through online payment solutions to reduce our AR time to the best in the industry.

Entrepreneurship is a risk. We are able to take risks as long as we know that we are covering the most important asset in our company: our team members. Ultimately, we need to create wealth for our company so that we can compensate people fairly and reward those that want to be entrepreneurial in our company.

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