Six Habits of Highly Effective Teams

Why you decided to choose this resource?

I chose this resource in order to understand what truly makes a good team.   Employees make a company function and teams are vital to their productivity.  There are many good resources that discuss the power of teams but not many go into the habits of what makes those teams great.  “6 Habits of Highly Effective Teams” seeks to define a business approach of forming good habits that lead to team success.


What did you learn from it?

I learned that many of the habits taught in this book have to do with trust and empathy.  A manager can place any number of people into a team but that never guarantees success.  A team must be able to get along, have trust in each other, and finally have a sense of empathy when things go wrong.  A great team must understand each other’s mistakes and be able to teach each other when the time calls for it.  In the book Six Habits of Highly Effective Teams, Kohn and O’Connell provide a unique perspective that is centered on developing and maintaining positive relationships.


Key points

  • Habit 1: Strengthen Emotional Capacity
    • Be on top of your emotions and understand the emotions of your team members
  • Habit 2: Expand Team Self-Awareness
    • Every Team member must know where they fit inside of a team to be effective
  • Habit 3: Practice Empathy and Respectfulness
    • Understand your customers concerns and show respect in providing solutions to their problems
  • Habit 4: Establish and Regulate Team Norms
    • Abide by company policies and team established norms so that all team members are equal
  • Habit 5: Think Laterally
    • Think above the problem.  Think down the road, long term, and what will give the client an edge
  • Habit 6: Entrust Team Members with Appropriate Roles
    • Make sure the right person is in the right role
    • Make sure leaders can handle their roles and responsibilities

How are you using what you learned?

I am using what I learned from this resource to make better habits when forming teams and when operating within a team.  I have learned that a team is more than a group of people and it takes time + effort to make a great team.

How can we as a company or individuals in the company use this?

Company employees can use this resource to gain a better understanding on how to participate in teams and to understand their fellow employees.  The only way for a team to be on the same page is with practice and experience.  However, a great team learns from their experiences to produce out of the box solutions for their company’s customers.


Title: 6 Habits of Highly Effective Teams

Author: Stephen E. Kohn , Vincent O’Connell






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