The Accountable Leader – Developing Effective Leadership Through Managerial Accountability

The Accountable Leader
The Accountable Leader

Why did I choose this resource?

I decided to seek out accountability resources to improve my internal and managerial accountability across our firm.  Also I wanted to share what I learned so that it can be applied to other employees in the firm.  Accountability is one of the basic pillars of strengths for all successful companies otherwise tasks will fall through the cracks and goals won’t be achieved.  However, accountability in a startup organization is even more important as the business usually has limited resources wearing different hats all relying on each other.

What did you learn from this resource?

I learned that in order for a business to survive, grow, and mature it must be accountable.  More importantly the management staff must lead by example and stick to measured standards.  Accountability must exist on every level starting with the individual and then moving up to teams and managers.  Sticking to the actions an employee promises is more important than ever as it has major implications’ on project delivery and future business.

Key Knowledge

  • The 10 key management accountability
  • Why organizations are so often lacking clear accountabilities
  • How to develop leadership in an organization
  • How the Decision Making Accountability (DMA) Solution Set provides the principles needed to address the accountability of leaders
  • The Seven Elements of Decision Making Accountability
  • How leaders are held accountable at the various Work Levels within an organization


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