Four Obsessions of an Extraordinary Executive

Four Obsessions of an Extraordinary Executive
Four Obsessions of an Extraordinary Executive

Why you decided to chose this resource.
After listening to this book, I realized how much sense it makes sense for our company to adopt a unified set of principles that affects our long and short term goals. Even though I knew what we needed to do, this book’s fictional story format made it clear why certain things were important.

What did you learn from it?
This book compares two fictional companies, primarily to show how one is better than the other. It shows how the “better” company is impacted when they make a bad hire who’s intent is to change things around and do things his way rather than working with the team’s existing philosophies.

Key Knowledge : The Four Obsessions

  • Build a cohesive leadership team.
    • Hire people that are hungry, humble, and smart.
    • Conflict is good if the team moves forward
  • Create organizational clarity
    • Clarify purpose, mission, values, strategy, goals, objectives
    • Accountability for who is doing what
    • Create period “Themes” to help achieve goals
  • Over-communicate┬áthe plan
    • Repeat
    • Make it simple
    • Push out the message in multiple mediums
    • Cascade the message so it reaches everyone
  • Reinforce the message through human systems
    • Hire the right people
    • Evaluate and reward people based on how they are helping achieve goals
    • Fire people that don’t fit

How are you using what you learned?
I have already started using the lessons learned in this book by creating a no nonsense environment in the executive team by keeping each other accountable for our daily and weekly goals in the morning. I have started to create a clear organizational / team / member plans with the “Phoenix” system. I will be communicating the plan over and over again. We’re only going to hire people that are striving for self-improvement to help build our company.

Key Changes

  • Daily and Weekly Checkins with Executive Team on ACM Goals
  • Simplifying the Phoenix system so that it’s easy to implement
  • Reviewing new hires in a new light – are they humble, hungry and smart?

How can we as a company or individuals in the company use this?

  • Each hire is sized up to see if they can grow to become a leader in the future
  • Organizational clarity is going to come from a top down and bottom up approach that aligns the purpose with our actions
  • Each team member will be trained and retrained on all the core concepts of the firm
  • We will reward people based on their performance and evaluations


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