Monitoring, Measuring, and Managing Customer Service

Monitoring, Measuring and Managing Customer Service

Why did I choose this resource?

I chose this resource to learn the different metrics of customer service and how to apply them.

What did you learn from it?

I learned the usefulness of the universal call path and why it is very effective. I also learned how to monitor and measure customer service with the use of TEAMeasures.

Key Knowledge

  • Great Customer Service Elements
    • Always have a positive attitude
    • Think of the future of the customer relationship
    • Don’t hold the customer responsible for their mistakes
    • Wow your customer’s by going the extra mile
    • Value the customer’s time
    • Meet your customer expectations
    • Always enthusiastically greet customers and thank them for their business on their way out
    • Offer satisfaction guarantees
    • Make exceptional customer service part of a behavioral routine
    • Always have your customer’s leave feeling like they were treated remarkably well
  • Universal Call Path – sound helpful and knowledgeable; and end on a positive note.
    • The greeting
      • Hello, the name of the company, your name, and an offer to help.
        • “Hello, you have reached Anant Corporation, my name is Danielle. How may I help you?”
          • Emphasis on the final word “you.”
    • The promise to help
      • “Yes, I’ll be happy to help you with that.”
        • Tone rises steadily after the word “help.”
    • The offer of additional help
      • “And is there anything else I can help you with?”
        • Progressively increase tone ending with a high pitch.
    • The recommitment line
      • Thank customer for their business, not their call.
        • “Thank you for doing business with Anant Corporation!”
  • Monitoring Customer Service
    • Find out if your CSRs are doing their jobs correctly.
    • Without monitoring, capabilities will be forgotten and cause ineffective behavior patterns.
    • Monitoring programs will spot irregularities swiftly and take the required action.
    • Manager’s should “manage by walking around” MBWA to observe their CSRs.
    • Managers should lead by example and correct negative practices
    • Self monitoring starts with the three levels of motivation;
      • compliance – use of the system by the employee
      • identification – employee realizes the benefits of the system
      • internalization – employees use the system because it works and they enjoy it
  • Measuring Customer Service
    • Create clearly understood measurement categories
    • Define categories in operational terms
    • Each category covers ONE meaningful event, do not overlap
    • Measures should be flexible, fair, and reasonable
    • Measures should be tested and proven
    • New measures should truly improve customer service
  • Telephone Effectiveness Assessment Measures (TEAMeasures)
    • Divided into four categories; call path, speech characteristic, explanation, and customer response.
    • Each category has several areas
    • Areas scored on a one-to-four scale
    • Total based on 100 points to be converted to a percentage
    • Staff average is usually 75%, but strive for 90% or better
  • Telephone Effectiveness Assessment Measures (TEAMeasures) criteria:
    • Call path
      • Proper greeting
      • Promise to help
      • Offer additional assistance
      • Thanking customer for their business
    • Speech characteristic
      • Says “please” and “thank you”
      • Pronounce each word clearly
      • Speaking volume and speed appropriate
      • Pitch appropriate
      • Calibrate conversations
    • Explanation
      • Information given as fast as possible
      • Accurate information is given (Extremely important!)
      • Asking the correct questions
      • Organized and coherent
      • Proper use of transitions
    • Customer response
      • Customer sings back to CSRs
        • Positive tone of voice at the end of the call

How are you using what you learned?

I am using what I learned improve our customer service and increase our customer loyalty.

Key Changes / Key Actions

  • Create a call path script.
  • Use TEAMeasures to evaluate our staff and improve our customer service skills over time.


  • Name : Monitoring, Measuring, and Managing Customer Service
  • Author : Gary S. Goodman
  • Link to Book

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