Its time to ‘Get Real’ about Software Development

Why did I choose this resource?

This resource was recommended to me by the CEO of our company as a progression of books on software development improvement.  Getting Real was written by the 37 Signals team based on years of experience in software development.  The company has created such products as basecamp that our company first used to manage projects.

What did you learn from it?

This resource teaches unique concepts and solutions to problems that often occur in software creation.  Software Developers and teams tend to forget key concepts as they process the backlogs of complex tasks.  The book teaches to complete simple tasks firsts and stay lean.  It reminds developers to keep things simple and think from an interface first approach.


Key Knowledge

  • Get Real about your organization’s software development
  • Keep things Simple
  • Stay Lean no matter how large you grow
  • Fix Time and Budget
  • Provide Flexible Scopes to Developers
  • Programming shouldn’t be a chore, developers should love what they do
  • Hire the right customers
  • Build something you can handle
  • Work in Iterations
  • Have Alone Time
  • Hire good writers
  • Code Speaks – Listen to your code

How are you using what you learned?

For 2014, ANANT is professionalizing its development and product services.  Every day we learn something new and capture this information via our KB system.  From almost every single chapter I can key changes that will help to improve our development environment

How can the company use this resource?

Developers can learn from this resource to manage a proper software developer life cycle.  It presents a very top level view that all technical teams should read.  The resource also offers unique advice per skill level that will help to improve each developer.


Key Changes / Key Actions

  • Improve ANANT software development
  • Remind the teams to stay Lean
  • Create a good environment so people love with they do
  • Improve the ANANT build process
  • Hire good writers for KB entries


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