Content Marketing & Content Strategy

Why did I choose this resource?

I chose these resources to learn about content marketing and content strategy.

What did you learn from it?

I learned the difference between content marketing and content strategy as well as the best illustrations of Content Marketing.

Key Knowledge

  • Content is King!
    • Practical
    • Functional
    • Sought after
    • Attractive
  • Paid Search vs. Content Marketing
    • Paid Search – cost per lead (CPL) remains fixed over time
      • relevant to your budget
    • Content Marketing – CPL drops significantly over time
  • Content Marketing & Content Strategy
    • Content Marketing – “whys”
      • “multi-channel custom publishing.”
        Quote from “Content Strategy for the Web” author Kristina Halvorson
    • Content Strategy – “hows”
      • “a shared set of goals, guiding principles and success metrics that guides the creation, delivery and governance of content across an organization”
        Quote from “Content Strategy for the Web” author Kristina Halvorson
    • Content Marketing + Content Strategy – “whats” and “wheres”
  • Content Strategy Life Cycle

    • “make something, put it out, see what happens and improve”
  • Types of Content
  • Focus on the ROI
  • User journey and KPIs
    • Gauge purpose and run conversion by understanding and mapping the user journey and how it parallels with the content touchpoints
  • Content Planning Tools
    • Screaming Frog and URL Profiler
    • ly
    • StoryboardThat
    • Balsamiq
    • Gliffy
    • Trello
  • Best Examples of Content Marketing
    • 2014
      • Chipotle
      • Airbnb
      • Qdoba
      • Charmin
      • Williams-Sonoma
      • British Airways
    • 2013
      • Brew Dog
      • British Airways
      • Chipotle
      • IBM
      • General Electric
      • Williams-Sonoma
      • Charmin
      • Airbnb
      • Volvo

How are you using what you learned?

I am using what I learned to brainstorm ideas for content marketing.

Key Changes / Key Actions

  • Review/update current content.
  • Create new, more valuable content.


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