How to Use Content Marketing to Build a Brand with Purpose

Using content marketing can be very effective if used right. In this article it breaks down the ways to make content marketing work in favor of your company. The first step is to find a purpose. Whats the purpose of your brand/company? This can provide direction of your marketing. Having purpose driven content makes marketing simpler and will eventually get you an audience that believes in what your brand is doing. Once you can figure the purpose everything else can be answered, from how to market the product and who to market it to (target audience). Chipotle is a good example. Chipotle breaks the mold of a typical fast food restaurant. They are open and fair with their policy and working process, they have transparency which customers admire and are loyal to. They wanted to change the face of fast food and by having great content marketing is why they’ve been successful in doing so.
Also on Friday our company Anant had our monthly Strategy Breakfast for August. We had a great turnout and discussed how real time data has an effect on us, personally and businesswise.

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