Modern Enterprise Series – Customer Relations

An enterprise builder organizes and manages information regarding people so that they can be used as a mass to function for results. At the basic level they manage the contact and billing details. No one can remember all of the details in their head. Today no matter what business someone is operating, they need a computer to manage the data in a database or a spreadsheet, or possibly a CRM. Customer Relationship Management is a process. CRM software is often confused for the process. Each company may have different ways to manage information about their customers even if they are using the same software. This is because each business is different. No one CRM software can solve a Customer Relations problem. If the business doesn’t keep in touch with their clients, it’s not because the software doesn’t do it, it’s because the business doesn’t try hard enough. The software only helps with existing processes. Time and time again, people think that throwing software or technology at a people problem will solve the problem. They are wrong. People are important. If you store their information, review often and follow up with people, people will keep coming back.

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