Social media management presentation

Best Practices for Social Media Management

Best Practices for Enterprise Social Media Management by the Social Media Dream Team from Sprinklr

  • Social media embodies a “real time” mindset, which is different than traditional “conventional time” mindsets, where it was ordinary for an organization to meet as a whole, plan a communications strategy in response to some event, and then execute. Nowadays, larger organizations need to empower their employees to take action in real time.
  • Social business is a reality now. Whether or not you have an online strategy in place for your business, you will deal with the effects of social media. If one of your clients or a customer or their friend has a positive or negative experience of your business, they will spread the word online. It’s just what people do nowadays. Be prepared for this. Have your strategy and messaging in place.
  • “Social is the act of making all of the material that a company produces more shareable and findable.” This means that search and social are deeply intertwined, and having the basics of your SEO in place is extremely important for your business to thrive in a social world.
  • Success cannot be measured by fans alone. You need to be able to measure your ROI on all social media, and see whether or not your activities through various channels are converting into sales for you. If not, revise your strategy, try again.
  • “The internet is not the medium. We are the medium.”
  • “Your job isn’t to raise your klout score.” In order to succeed in a social world you have to think long term about creating excellent quality content which people will value and share over the long term. Don’t worry about how many tweets and pins you get on the first day you publish – think about creating content with enduring value.

These are some of the key takeaways we found when reviewing Sprinklr’s Social Media Management presentation. It’s a great presentation with lots of visual appeal – be sure to check out the rest of the presentation above.
If you’d like help thinking through the ins and outs of your own social media management process, drop us a line here.

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