Anant Corporation Priorities

All the wisdom in the world about doing great things whether from philosophy, scripture, business books, or mentors has come down to few simple key ideas which separate the good from the great, ordinary from the extra-ordinary, the apprentices from the masters.

Priority – that which takes precedence, is most important, and comes before others

Our company’s Focus is set in our Vision statements for the company, the responsibility areas, and the practice areas. Having a focus gives us direction, but we need to pay special attention to order our next steps and actions so that they utilize our time, money, and resources for maximum potential.

M1 – Pursue Mastery of the Modern Enterprise and Internet Architecture

  1. Leadership & Management – Become masters of our craft in our respective practice areas.

A1 РBuild and Grow the Anant Corporation as if we were our own Client. 

  1. Sales & Marketing – Push ahead with our Sales & Marketing goals and objectives.
  2. Research & Development – Add value to our offerings through Research & Development.
  3. Operations & Infrastructure – Help make the company run more efficiently and smoothly.
  4. Finance & Accounting – Help the company make money by raising increasing revenue and lowering expenses.

C1 РDeliver on our promises to Clients and help them grow their Organizations 

  1. Products & Services – Deliver the best possible quality of Products & Services to create happy customers.

In short, all team members at any level of the performance pipeline should have three priorities that they are continuously pursuing in their practice: professional mastery, contributing to the firm’s priorities, and contributing to the clients’ priorities. Being better at what we practice helps us build a better company which in turn helps our clients achieve their goals with our Products & Services.

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