Systems – The Best Online Tools to Run a Small Business on the Internet (Part 2)

In our firm, Sales & Marketing technology helps us gather, analyze, understand, and utilize Information about our “Business Social Graph.” It doesn’t just let us optimize our processes for gathering and managing Clients, but also to manage our pipeline of potential hires. The major brush strokes of recruiting and selling , not by coincidence, are very similar. In recruiting new team members, we are setting expectations of how we will add value to their lives if they work with us. In converting new clients, we are setting expectations of how we’ll deliver and add value to their business if we work for them.

Sales & Marketing

  1. Nutshell CRM – We use Nutshell because it’s a winner for us in many ways. It’s simple. It’s affordable. It can integrate with other tools. It’s not Salesforce.
  2. MailChimp – MailChimp and their API based Mandril is a best of breed email marketing SaaS that we use for ourselves and our customers.
  3. DocuSign – We’ve been using DocuSign since we started the firm and nothing out there has convinced us to change. DocuSign just works.
  4. Wufoo – Yes, we could program anything new under the Sun that we wished to. We choose not to program forms because Wufoo makes it easy to create entry forms that integrate easily with other systems.
  5. Google Analytics – Google Analytics is the best free online analytics software especially if you know how to do damage with Javascript
  6. HootSuite – HootSuite is a Social Media automation tool that most people can their hands around. Be aware that this requires tender, love and care just like any other tool.
  7. Unbounce – Just like Wufoo, we choose to use Unbounce when we need to create quick and dirty Landing pages. Their subject matter expertise here trumps everyone else.
  8. – is a power tool for Search Engine Optimization. I highly advise reading their online book before paying for the software.
  9. – Buffer has a Social Automation tool that actually works without too much worries, configuration, and thought.
  10. Feedly – If you are into reading and catching up on your industry, all the time, then you need to use Feedly in conjunction with Buffer to bombard your network. 😉

Sales & Marketing is how you and your organization get your voice heard in this saturated market place and eventually convert those that pay attention to become clients, customers, constituents, or potentially your new team mates. At Anant, while we solve difficult problems for our clients as their external or advising CIOs and CTOs, we are also developing innovative solutions around knowledge and relationships using the best in Internet technology and machine learning. All these tools gather a lot of information, and we’re looking into ways to making that information relevant to actions you need to take today. Let us know if you want to learn more.


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