Systems – The Best Online Tools to Run a Small Business on the Internet (Part 1)

My experience with running a company on the Internet is only one of the reasons why this is the best list for you to trust. The other reason is that I did my research. I interviewed and am still interviewing small businesses for my Book. I also study companies of all sizes to see how they organize and structure their technology. I am not recommending any tool that I have not personally used. This is just a preview of what’s to come as part of the resources section for this site, and the book.

Leadership & Management

  1. FreeConferenceCall – When we started our company, we were 100% remote. Free Conference Call was the communications backbone for the leadership to stay in touch with each other, and with the team. We use it to this today because it’s the easiest , mostly no-nonsense, way to get on the horn with someone.
  2. Coursera / EdX / NovoEd – Nothing improves teams more than free education. Why not encourage your team to learn from the best universities for free. Need to learn AI? Go do it. It’s free.
  3. – My investment in has paid off 100 fold. I’ve been able to crush 1 to 2 books a week ( some weeks ) and improve my thoughts and decisions almost immediately.
  4. – This is the best known secret in the business. How do you get your leadership team to think like the world class leaders you want them to be? Make them read Executive Summaries of the best selling business and leadership books. Duh.
  5. – If you need to learn something, and you can’t find it online. Buy the book. $20 dollars for a new book online is nothing compared to the enhanced ability you will have after learning your new skill.
  6. – has classes on more than web development. Need to learn SEO? It’s there. What about how to make an iPhone app? It’s there too. What about project management? Yep. Excel? Sure.
  7. – Although TeamTreeHouse doesn’t have as many videos, it has fun “Badges” to help you or your team quickly setup a merit based learning system inhouse without any work.
  8. Workflowy – I placed Workflowy in my “Leadership & Management” toolkit because I use it for setting agendas, using them to take notes while on Web Conferences, and sharing complex ideas / communicating as strong outlines instantaneously.
  9. – There are many meetups where you are. Chances are as a leader, you want to spend time with peers who are similar positions or meet up with potential team members. There are many meetups that you can use as a place to recruit your next hire, without having to pay $30k to a recruiter.
  10. Kindle – We have 2-3 floating Kindles in the office. We may get more. We have one shared library across the different Kindle devices that is linked to the company account. Instant “Library of Alexandria.” Sort of.

Stay tuned. Tomorrow I’ll continue with the Modern Enterprise “responsibility area” themed tools. Tomorrow’s tools will help you with your “Sales & Marketing”. If you haven’t put these systems to use in your company, give it a try if you have some free time. Why did I choose these tools? These tools help me a) Lead, b) Organize c) Communicate d) Empower e) Build Teams f) Foster Entrepreneurship . You will notice most of these tools are sources of learning and a few are for “organizing” or “communicating.” A smart team of leaders is better than any team made up of followers.


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