The Worthy Web – Dec. 17, 2010

We created AsItChanges to be a resource to inspire, educate and empower ourselves and others in business. Here are some of the links that inspired, educated and empowered us this week.


Proudly Made in DC
“Proudly Made in DC” is a website which features a page with short bios of companies in and around the District of Columbia which are creating a difference in D.C. We have our work cut out to go interview these folks.
Young Entrepreneurs Create their Own Jobs
Four people independently sent this link to me via Facebook. It maybe because I mocked the title of the book and site — “Never get a real job” — on my wall. I am very proud of these individuals for taking initiative in their life to create something of their own. Theirs is the dream that they create for themselves.
Women social entrepreneurs driven by impact rather than scale
Not surprised at all; we have a few women entrepreneurs in our interview pipeline that are social entrepreneurs that think the same way. Stay tuned!
5 Harsh Realities of Being an Entrepreneur
Having worked on my own companies and other startups, I identify very well with these realities, especially the last one.
15 Biggest Tech Winners in 2010
It’s no surprise for me that the …. was the number one tech winner. Find out what. All of these ideas started small; with persistence, passion and some luck they became huge!
My Greatest Entrepreneurial Challenge? Becoming Profitable, Of Course
See how a young person got through the first challenge in business. To make money!
New Kauffman Study Finds that as Few as 30 New Billion-Dollar Firms can Significantly Accelerate GDP Growth
If you didn’t have a reason to try to become a billionaire, here’s a good one. You will help raise our country’s GDP and help us get out of debt.


Blog early, share late: research findings
Blogging is a big part of being an entrepreneur in this century. We’ve noticed similar trends in how our articles are shared. Definitely check it out. Good graphs.
11 B2B Marketing Predictions for 2011
The internet is always changing, and being on top of some of these game-changing shifts will prepare you for the new year. Mobile marketing goes big!
A Tech Entrepreneur’s Eight-Year Patent Wait
Entrepreneur Steve Perlman has more than 100 patents to his name. Read up on how Perlman had to wait eight years to get one of his “industry-changing” patents approved.
5 metrics every software CEO should obsess over
The digital entrepreneur comes in different categories. If you are a software manufacturer or want to be one, read up on what you need to maximize and watch out for.
ULTIMATE GUIDE: How To Fund Your Business Idea
This is a very comprehensive look at the different ways to fund a business. Each of the seven methods have several links to follow and learn more.
Startup Professionals Musings: Five Elements of a Credible Startup Marketing Plan
Short and to the point. Marty says you must have a website up and running as the first step.


Words of Wisdom for Entrepreneurs
Shouldn’t all this just come naturally to you? Wisdom comes from learned experience. Lisa Promise summarizes eight nuggets of wisdom that make sense to me.
The Heart of Innovation: 10 Tips for Giving a Kick-Ass Keynote
Public speaking is a part of business. Present to win. Learn how to deliver a “kick-ass” keynote in this short post. There’s definitely more to learn, but this will point you in the right direction if you are starting out.
How to build a resume with LinkedIn
Why? Even as an entrepreneur, you need to maintain a resume. If you don’t already use LinkedIn, this is an excellent tutorial that should convince you why you should sign up – not only to connect with colleagues but to manage your resume.
LinkedIn 2010 Overused Buzzwords: Extensive Experience, Innovative And Motivated
To go along with the last post. If you are managing your resume on LinkedIn, make sure you don’t use these words. It’s too bad “entrepreneurial” is on there. Look for another way to express your tendencies to lead and innovate.
The Seven Best Places to Close a Deal in Silicon Valley
If you are in Silicon Valley, you might as well take advantage of the intelligence gathered by Xconomy. These are the places where deals are made. Check them out.
Reading The Top Ten Best (and Worst) Communicators of 2010
Learn from the best, leave the rest. If you get a chance, look these people up on YouTube and see what makes them the best communicators.

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