Where Business Is Headed (According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics)

The Street is a great resource to know what is going on in the world of business. As a small business owner or operator, you may not be directly affected by market conditions, but it is healthy to be in the know. A recent article that The Street published gives a quick synopsis of why the following sectors will flourish in the future.

U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics Office
U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics Office

This list was created after analyzing research provided by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, which projects the fastest-growing sectors (in terms of job growth). You can find the original research on the BLS’ site.

  • Medical Research
  • Green Jobs
  • Healthcare
  • Wellness
  • Business Services

The last sector of job growth doesn’t surprise us at all. In a free-enterprise economy in which entrepreneurship is encouraged, there is no lack of demand for business services.
America is gradually transitioning to a service economy, so the need for services providers will continue to grow. By supporting each other with complimentary services, companies have made it much easier for entrepreneurs to enter the marketplace. We plan to keep you posted on this and other trends in business.

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