MyStrategicPlan: Professional Strategy Planning and Execution

There are plans, and there are strategic plans. Strategy is generally related to a big idea – the big-picture plan which covers the forest and not individual trees. Strategic decisions affect the the direction and operation of groups of people, corporations and countries. The tool which we are showcasing in this article helps organizations large and small conduct due diligence and research; systematically create a strategic plan; and perform and report their progress in carrying out their vision. This tool can help you steer your ship to a new destination.
From the company:

Thousands of businesses, non-profits, churches, and teams depend on MyStrategicPlan to keep their long-term focus synced up with daily decision making. From the CEO to front-line staff, everyone is aligned with the company’s strategy and vision. It’s easy. It’s safe and secure. You are in a changing environment, so you need a strategic plan that quickly changes with you.

MyStrategicPlan Screenshots is delivered a web-based software solution, similar to 37Signals’ Basecamp. Just as the latter provides a simple way to create and manage projects of all sizes, MyStrategicPlan lets you create very comprehensive business strategy plans. Rather than providing a template for a plan, it provides a template for an approach to creating a plan. It uses a time-tested process to create plans that help organizations succeed.
M3 planning, the company that produces MyStrategicPlan, claims to be “expert in developing and executing strategy”. It says it is “dedicated to inspiring big ideas and creating the laser-like focus to achieve them.” It seems to me that they took their best practices in developing and executing strategy and made a process which anyone can use through a web-based software-as-a-service (SaaS) application.
While MyStrategicPlan is in the same category as Basecamp, it is considerably more expensive to use and is recommended for existing corporations that want to implement big plans over the course of several months or years. The application offers several “perspectives” which fit the needs of executives, managers and employees, and each option has a unique per-user cost. Non-profits and religious institutions are eligible for a discount, however.

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