Ensuring Business Platform Delivery with Virtual Professionals

We all know what the terms “remote work” and “working from home” mean and how they can be productive.   However these opportunities are few and far between when compared to traditional full time on site positions.   This article will make the argument for ensuring delivery through use of a full time Virtual Professional and how they should be as common as there are Starbucks on every corner.  Imagine a world where every job you apply to gives you the choice of working at the office, from virtually anywhere, or both.

Why Customers are against Virtual Professionals

The traditional model of work has lead to most people around the world having a second home in the office.  Employers have grown used to seeing and managing their employees on a daily basis.  This might be fine with employees that need to be micromanaged but what about independent leaders or niche professionals that are negatively affected by so much in office management?  Below are a few reasons that we have heard over the years of why companies are against hiring Virtual Professionals.

  • Control : Customers like to physically see the person they hire in their office.
  • They had a bad experience  : Customers previously had a bad experience with a virtual professional where the employee was let go or quit.
  •  No Virtual Education : Customers have not been educated on the benefits of virtual work.  They tend to immediately say “no” when a recruiter or candidate asks.

The Benifits of Virtual Work

Most customers disagree with using remote workers long before they understand the benefits to the worker or the company.  Above, We reviewed some of the reasons of why customers say no to virtual professionals.  The below section is meant as a guide to educate your recruiter or client to at least consider remote work.   Customers want what the want.  They tend to have the blinders on so be prepared to accept a few “nos” before you get to “yes”.

  • Delivery won’t Suffer : As long as a role remains open, productivity and work are lost.  Filling an open seat with a virtual professional ensures delivery will not suffer.
  • Control your Commute  :  Time saved traveling to the office can be converted into planning or work.  Companies can also save money on office requirements that are normally reserved for an on site professional.
  • Virtual is better than Relocation
    • No Moving
    • Stay in the city you Love
    • No Relocation costs needed at you or your client’s expense
  • Scheduled visits : A virtual professional can still visit the office to stay “connected” to the social fabric and ease the client’s face time needs.
  • Unicorns  : Offer it as an option for opportunities that remain open and are affecting delivery.  Inform your client that you will continue to look for an on site professional but you have some remote resumes they can view.
  • Try before you buy : Offer to place a candidate for a 1 to 3 month contract.  This will allow your client to try out the virtual professional and could lead to a long term engagement.

How Virtual and On Site Professionals can work together, The Hybrid Model

Virtual work isn’t better than on site work. It’s merely an option that should be offered along with on site. Remote work shouldn’t replace all on site work and for some jobs it will not be possible with current technology. However, this article serves to make the argument that employees and contractors should be at least “offered” more options.   The Hybrid Model is another way companies can provide the best of both worlds.  It allows companies to have physical offices for contractors and employees to work while also having a percentage of the core team being virtual.  Most companies start this off by obtaining “off shore” resources and then quickly begin experimenting on their core team.  At ANANT, we have been doing the Hybrid Model since our inception.  We started with core team employees in two different major cities and continue to work with Virtual Professionals on a daily basis with some of our core team members being completely virtual.


Our company has worked with many top Business Platforms such as Sitecore, EpiServer, and DataStax in both Virtual and On Site capacities.  We offer Architecture advice and Implementation at a great industry rate.  Feel free to reach out to our solution’s team to schedule a call to road-map you greatest challenges.
Photo by Kaitlyn Baker on Unsplash