The Mountains We’ve Climbed in 2017 – Gratitude for the Altitude

As 2017 comes to a close, we as a team are grateful to our relationships with our friends, family, team members at Anant, and our adopted team members at our clients and vendor teams. Anant wishes you the best in the New Year. As Arturs, aptly titled our end of year retreat deck “The Mountains we’ve Climbed,” I can with certainty say that it’s because of you: the relationships we’ve built and those we are getting to know. 


In 2017, our team made tremendous progress with clients new and old, new partnerships, internal efficiency, and most importantly acquiring and retaining amazing talent.  


With our partnerships, we were able to help a handful of companies who’ve made it to and remain on the Fortune 500, and this next year, we’ll be helping at least one Fortune 10 company if not more. Our work at this level is a validation that our approach works for teams inside larger companies as well as our smaller ones.


Our small to medium business and non-profit clients continued to prosper with our help. We took roles as their Virtual CIO as we provided Professional Services and Managed Digital Subscriptions & Solutions to help them build and maintain their business platforms.


As we turn to the next chapter at Anant, we’ve made some sacrifices throughout the year. Leveraging the shared knowledge of books and advice from our clients and vendors, we were able to cut off activities which weren’t returning the expected return on investment. By doing this, we achieved record level efficiency and growth in the main metric that matters most: how many clients and how much we’re helping our clients.


We decided to separate our product initiatives from our main service offerings. Our product developments still continue on as open-source initiatives (Appleseed Framework). We will focus our internal Research & Development to improve the Anant Business Platform which is helping us recruit our talent, learn about our current  clients and source new ones, coordinate our team of teams to get the work done, and make intelligent decisions from data collected from our system of systems.


While soul searching, or really just thinking about what we have done well t

hroughout our history, one concept kept coming back to me. Throughout the last nearly 8 years, we’ve taken ownership of our client’s business platforms as their virtual CIOs even when they didn’t have one.


Figure 1: One of our early Business Platform designs from April 2010


Figure 2: Today’s Platforms


Our body of knowledge in the Modern Enterprise and our approach to Internet Architecture has now become a singular focus for us:

We build and manage Business Platforms as a Virtual CIO Team


We want to teach you and your team how to build the next generation of your business.


Happy Holidays! We look forward to helping many of you and your teams achieve wild success next year.