Apache Cassandra Lunch 120: Apache Cassandra Monitoring Made Easy with AxonOps

In this lunch, Johnny will show us how easy it is to start monitoring your Cassandra cluster in minutes. He will explain the various aspects and features of Cassandra that need to be monitored, how to do it, and most importantly why! Approaches for backups and Cassandra repairs will be discussed and explored in detail.

Learn how AxonOps significantly reduces the complexity and overhead when looking after Cassandra and ensures your Cassandra cluster is reliable and resilient. Experienced developer, DevOps, architect, and AxonOps co-founder, Johnny Miller, has worked with a wide variety of companies – from small start-ups to large enterprises. He has been working with Cassandra for many years and has a deep understanding of the challenges facing modern companies looking to adopt Apache Cassandra.


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