Create a Landing Page Without Touching Any Code

In my last piece, I discussed why it was important for every business to use landing pages in their digital client acquisition efforts. After establishing the benefits of a landing page, the next step is creating one. Creating a landing page can be done in one of two ways: by using a tool (content management systems, WordPress plugins, mailing list service, or ready-made templates) or by building the whole page from scratch, which requires programming. It can be challenging to use code to create a landing page, especially if you have no background in coding. This article will walk you through the top tools that will help you with code-free landing page creation.

Content Management Systems

Content Management Systems (CMSs) are a good subset of online tools to create landing pages if you want to avoid the hassle of coding because they don’t require any coding at all. They typically have a visual editor that allows the user to simply drag and drop blocks and make other edits throughout the page. The prices can vary depending on the platform, but there are usually free plans or at the very least free trials. Whereas CMSs, in general, offer a wide variety of applications, one can use them specifically for creating landing pages without too much hassle. 


My favorite: Wix. A big selling point for Wix is how simple it is to use. It also has a great selection of landing page specific themes and hundreds of other themes for websites. Furthermore, Wix is free if the user can overlook certain things. For Wix to be free, the user’s landing page must include in the domain name. In the free version, the Wix domain name is also accompanied by several ads. If these are things you as a user can overlook, then Wix might be the right choice for you.


Honorable mention: WordPress is also a great place to start for creating landing pages, the only reason this is not the main tool we are highlighting here is that we want to focus on landing page creation with the least amount of programming necessary.


WordPress Plugins

Another tool that doesn’t require coding to build a landing page are WordPress Plugins. WordPress plugins are usually cheaper than other platforms and are certainly more appealing to users that already use WordPress. Users only need to pay once and they get a landing page at their disposal for an unlimited time. A possible drawback is the fact that there is usually no free trial period for users to test the plugins.


My favorite: Thrive Themes. This plugin offers 150+ templates that make creating a landing page very easy for first-timers. Thrive Themes also provides an editor that makes it easy to customize the landing page to the user’s needs. A big drawback is the price in comparison to other plugins. Starting at $67 a year, this price might drive away potential users. However, with 150+ themes users are paying to be spoiled for choice.


Mailing-list Services

This tool is perfect for the user that is creating a landing page just to collect subscribers. This tool allows the user to use their own hosting. Mailing-list services also provide a centralized experience in the sense that users can use one tool instead of several different ones. There is usually a monthly fee accompanied with this tool and it offers significantly fewer features than other tools.


My favorite: GetResponse. I prefer GetResponse to the likes of MailChimp because it offers more templates. There is a free trial for users to test out its editor and interface. GetResponse also offers the user their own domain. Besides creating a landing page, GetResponse can also address other needs like mailing, mind-mapping and even conducting webinars. This is not a tool for users that strictly want a tool for creating landing pages.


Roman Rudnik has created an extensive list of tools that you can use to build landing pages without knowing how to code.


Do you have any questions about what tool might be best for you? Do you have any questions about a tool that wasn’t discussed in this article? Send us a quick email!


Photo by Igor Miske on Unsplash