Wiki.js On DO

Wiki.js On DigitalOcean

Wiki.js is a powerful and extensible open-source Wiki software. Running Wiki.js on Digital Ocean containerized allows auto-updates, the ability to adjust capacity to maintain steady, predictable performance at the lowest possible cost, and 1-click installation to name a few advantages.


  • Pick your favorite editor (Markdown, WYSIWYG Rich-text, Raw HTML, etc.)
  • Multilingual capabilities
  • Optionally sync with a git repository or push to S3 / DigitalOcean Spaces for archiving
  • Over 15 social + enterprise authentication providers supported
  • Built-in search engine + support for Elasticsearch, Azure Search and more
  • Use tags and virtual folders for easy categorization
  • Customize the look & feel and the rendering pipeline of your pages
  • Useful rendering plugins such as code highlighting, PlantUML, media assets and more
  • Version tracking with powerful comparison tools


Wiki.js runs on virtually any system where Node.js is supported. This means it will run on Linux, macOS, Windows as well as container solutions Docker/ Kubernetes and Heroku.

  • (STABLE) 2.3
    • Node.js 10.12
    • MySQL, MariaDB, PostgreSQL, MSSQL or SQLite3 (For best performance, features and future compatibility, it’s highly recommended to use PostgreSQL.)
  • (LEGACY) 1.0
    • Node.js 6.11 or later
    • MongoDB 3.2
    • Git 2.7

Don’t have Node.js installed on your system? It’s ok! Skip this requirement, Node.js is included in the Docker image.

The DigitalOcean Marketplace Wiki.js image is a pre-configured environment, made by the developers of Wiki.js, containing everything you need to get started with Wiki.js.

Image Specifications

Ubuntu 18.04 LTS with the following software pre-installed:

  • Docker
  • PostgreSQL 11 (dockerized)
  • Wiki.js 2.x (dockerized, accessible via port 80)
  • Wiki.js Update Companion (dockerized)
  • OpenSSH with UFW Firewall preconfigured for SSH, HTTP, and HTTPS

As of 05/14/2020:

Getting Started

Start here:

1-Click Install

  • From your Digital Ocean dashboard, in the sidebar, select Marketplace.
  • Search ‘Wiki.js’
  • Once on the Wiki.js page, click the ‘Create Wiki.js Droplet’ button.
  • Select a droplet size, datacenter region and additional options. You’re done! Copy the droplets IPv4 and navigate to it in your browser.
  • Complete administrative account details and click the ‘INSTALL’ button. You can add the droplets IPv4 as the Site URL for now.

Wiki.js is still very young and has many upcoming features showcasing its potential for growth. I believe this potential is why DO has added Wiki.js as a 1-click app.


If we ssh into our droplet, we can run docker commands

docker ps -a

To stop: 

docker stop wiki

To start:

docker start wiki

For container logs:

docker logs wiki


Wiki.js’s administration area gives you full control over your application.

To navigate to your administration area:

  • Click the account icon.
  • Click ‘Administration’
  • Set Localization Options
  • Manage Site Navigation
Add pages in 3 steps!
  • Visualize Pages
  • Tag Pages
  • SSL Configuration
  • Mail Settings
  • Enable API Access
  • Sync Backup Targets
  • Configure Authentication Settings
  • Add extra content processing features using rendering modules
  • SEO
  • Add Analytics
  • Manage Users & Groups
  • System Info
  • Configure Miscellaneous Tools
  • Enable LDAP & SQL Query Logging
  • GraphQL

Wiki.js is a powerful and extensible open-source Wiki software that’s young, with strong growth potential. Wiki.js documentation is completely created using Wiki.js. This is a great demo of the capabilities of this software. Wiki.js Docs:


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