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Business Intelligence Lunch & Learn

Choice Paralysis

Nowadays, there are hundreds of business intelligence tools available for companies of all shapes and sizes. Without a doubt, this has both enabled business leaders and slowed them down. It has become difficult to make any choice in an area that has so many of them. 

Having had experience working with various analytics applications such as Metabase, Redash, Tableau, and Domo I’m able to shed some light on the advantages and shortcomings of some of these applications.

If you’re interested in learning more about applications such as the ones mentioned above shoot me an email or pick a time slot and I would gladly come over and give your team a short 30-minute presentation followed by some Q&A (works via webinar as well) on the different business intelligence tools available on the market and ones we recommend!

Where We Can Help

Some other things that myself and Anant Co. have had experience with are the following:

    1. Is Your Business A Modern Enterprise? This topic fundamentally examines what a modern company can look like.
    1. Unifying Business Information with Portals and Dashboards. Here we talk about how having a centralized bird’s eye view of your company’s data has never been easier or cheaper.
  1. Software Algebra – Building Applications Without Reinventing the Wheel. Too many times have software people built something from the ground-up without any consideration for what’s already available. We look more deeply into how and when to avoid that type of mindset.

Nothing too formal, or that requires any contracts to be signed, just an information sharing session where you can learn a little bit more about business intelligence and I can learn more about some of the questions you may have. 

Send me an email and let’s talk!