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Top 10 Links For The Indispensable Project Manager

Dear, Project Managers

Is this article going to be something like this? Sorry to disappoint if you came for that, because it’s going to be far less firehose and much more succinct, and to the point. Here are the top 10 links that are going to make you a project manager (PM)  that anyone would love to have on their team. Use the anecdotes, tips, and guidelines found in these 10 links and you and your team are going to get things done.

The Keys 🗝

re:Work – The five keys to a successful Google team

Results of a study performed by Google’s People Operations on what makes a successful team.


Y Combinator’s Hacker News – Ask HN: Best project management practices in 2018?

Forum question asked on the popular Hacker News website by lambdadmitry.


Project Bliss – 20 Easy-to-Use Assertive Communication Skills for Confidence and Respect

A slightly longer article by Leigh Espy.


The Gems 💎

TechnologyAdvice – Are PMs Irrelevant?

A thoroughly high quality article by Zach Watson with this hilarious Dilbert comic included:



Manifesto for Agile Software Development

The inspiration for Agile methodologies that many project managers use nowadays written by 17 individuals between February 11-13, 2001 in Utah.

You’ve probably heard of this, and by probably I mean with a 99.99% percent probability. Want to see how you can get quickly started with one of the Agile methodologies? Learn how to set up a minimal viable product (MVP) style Agile Scrum workflow here.


PM Podcast

Larger resource for those of us who like audio. Specific granular topics like “Managing Virtual Teams” and “How to Write Excellent User Stories” are covered in each podcast episode.


Reddit – Project Management Subreddit – To all the stressed PMs, this post is for you

Reddit post of first-hand stressful project management experience by mzblonk, excuse us for the colorful language but we’ve all faced these type of challenges…comes with the territory 🤗.


The Fails 💩

Effective Inc.’s Medium Blog Page – The Seven Deadly Sins of Project Management

Seven things you should avoid doing as a project manager by Keren Nimmo.


7 Things a PM Should NOT Be Doing

Fundamental things to avoid doing as a project manager, good additional content by Brian Irwin to supplement the preceding article.


Why do Projects Fail? Most Common Project Issues

Research-backed article on the most common reasons projects fail by Kevin Lonergan. Includes another bonus hilarious, and frighteningly on-point, comic:


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