The Worthy Web – Jan 14, 2011

New Office: Waterfront Center took a hiatus from our weekly publishing schedule. As a few projects ramped up, we were stretched thin and had to dedicate our resources to deliver what we had promised to our clients. Nevertheless, we have caught up. These are the links from last week. Coming in the next day will be the links from this week.
Starting from next week, each of the links will be published as individual posts so that they are easier to syndicate to Facebook, Twitter, etc. I’m experimenting with a few ways to do this. Windows Live Writer? HootSuite? I’ll take any suggestions if anyone has any.
In other news, Anant Corporation, and subsequently Asitchanges now officially has office space! Some pictures are included in this post. We’re located at 1010 Wisconsin Avenue in Georgetown in a small office we’re subletting from the Shoptaw Group. I hope to get an interview with Jack Shoptaw and publish it soon.

Inspire – Get inspired to start.

30 Founders Under 30 Who are Shaking Up Industries
Under 30? Shake up the industry. Change the world. Do it.
Inspiration for Emerging Entrepreneurs: Bureacractic Corporate America
See how entrepreneurs escaped their jails of bureacracy and created innovative companies.
100 Top Entrepreneurs Who Succeeded without a College Degree
Abe Lincoln. Carnegie Mellon. Ben Franklin. Bill Gates. All of them did without a degree.Can you? Learn not that they did it without a degree, but that they did it period against the odds of those that held a degree.
Video: RedLaser:How a Company That Nearly Died Sold to Ebay – With Reddy and Powers
An interview with the guys that gave you RedLaser and Panorama 360 on the iPhone and Android. These guys are wicked smart and have great ideas on computer vision. As Andrew says, buy from them and learn how they do great things.
Podcasts: Stanford’s Entrepreneurship Corner
Great resource. Five ( 5 ) years of semesters from Stanford. Has substantial conversations with people from HP, Kauffman Foundation, and many other businesses across different sectors.
10 Difference between Self-Made Billionaires And You
Simple reasons how billionaires become billionaires. Here’s one: They get up and do something that others aren’t. Here’s another one: They don’t do it alone.
Video: Case Study of An Entrepreneurial Artist – With Matthew Inman
How does an artist make $1000 – $70,000 a day? Andrew of Mixergy interviews Matthew who produces a web comic.
Getting Rich Quick: True Tales of Overnight Millionaires
This article showcases four entrepreneurs who literally made millions of dollars “overnight.”

Educate – Learn how to do it.

The Power of Association
Written by Kelly Nwosu who studies Leadership and Entrepreneurship in Malaysia. I hope he comes on board to help write for Has great ideas for the future of Africa.
World Population : 7 Billion, National Geographic Magazine
7 billion people speaking 7000 languages in 194 countries. This is the new state of the world. The more you know about it, the more you can help people with your business.
You Can Call yourself An Entrepreneur When…
“You can call yourself an entrepreneur when you wake up at 3am and you are super excited to get to the office and begin the day.” A great article about the “joys” and “freedoms” of working on your company.
10 Business Models that Rocked 2010
Wow. What a resource to help you understand how successful web companies work. Also look at the book that I’m going to recommend.
How to play the business dating game
“Networking is an important marketing activity for almost any start-up business but it can kill you. The reason: there are some well-meaning people who regularly attend such meetings and events and they possess a stealth-like ability to bore others to death.”
5 Steps to Help Your Small Business Save Money in 2011
Simple advice to help save money. This is very important. As Benjamin Franklin said, “The smallest leaks will sink even the biggest boats.” Something like that.
Creative Tips for Saving Money and Growing your Business (PDF)
Written by the readers of Small Business Trends. Great advice to save money in very creative ways. A must read. It’s 2 years old, but still relevant.
Video: Top Entrepreneur Videos of the Year
I’ll save you the time and give you the titles: Why Great Products Don’t Need Marketing, The Key to Recession Survival? Extreme Streamlining, The Simple Reason Why Startups Fail, Six Factors for Building Highly Unsuccessful Products, How we Found Opportunity in the Recession,
Global Innovation 1000
“Booz & Company identified the 1,000 public companies around the world that spent the most on research and development in 2009.” An in depth, scholarly study explaining how “Market Readers,” “Need Seekers,” and “Technology Drivers” drive their critical capabilities of “Ideation,” “Project Selection,” “Product Development,” and “Commercialization.”
What Exactly is a Business Model?
Vivek, a Professor at Berkeley, talks about 7 essential components of a Business Model: Reaching Customers, Differentiating your Product, Pricing, Selling, Delivery/Distribution, Supporting Customers, and Achieving Customer Satisfaction.
Just What Does your State Do Best?
LOL. My adopted home state of Virginia boasts “Education” as it’s best ability. This article evidences this by citing that Virginia has the best high school in the country “Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology.” My high school. 🙂
Empower – Get empowered to do it.

New Office: Conference Area

Empower – Do it.

Book: How to Run the World
I had the chance to listen to Parag when he spoke at the New America Foundation last week while promoting his book. He asks us to see the current world on the verge of Renaissance and sees us in the middle ages.
Hey Executives: Here are 25 Ways to Make Your Job Easier
Great ideas to make your personal and business life easier. Everything from outsourcing to technology can help you make your life running your business easier.
How You Can Increase Your Productivity by 25% Today
I tend to agree with his ideas, especially buying a mobile WIFI device so that I don’t have be at the mercy of the coffee shop, airport, lounge, book store for my internet connection. Even as I moved into my office and waited for the internet to work, I was online with my ClearSpot device.
Founders Den: A Private Clubhouse for Entrepreneurs Opens in San Fransisco
A clubhouse for entrepreneurs? With more angels than in heaven? Seems like a great idea. I’d love to be a member of such a club if someone were to build it there in D.C.
Wisconsin to Form New Economic Development Corporation
Useful to those in Wisconsin or that want to partner with new businesses in Wisconsin. I love when the Government “gets it” and decides to put money in economic development.
Shopify: The easiest way to build an online store.
If you need to sell something today, I’d recommend you look into Shopify to do it. It takes no time to setup a store, and I’m not getting paid to say this.
Seven Attributes of a Startup Dream Team CFO
Startups: If you are growing as a company and need to hire a CFO or know that at some point you will need to, read this article on some good attributes to be on the look out for.
11 Free Resources about Creativity
Chris Brogan lists some great resources about creativity.
It’s all about Selling for Survival
A very straightforward article on the art of selling. Vivek Wadhwa explains how sales is everything in business. Always be selling. If you’re a non profit, always be begging. (That’s my line.)
5 Mistakes Entrepreneurs Make When Getting Mentored
Do you have a mentor? If not, then get one. Larry Chiang talks about the mistakes people make when trying to get Venture Capitalists to mentor them.
The five elements of a perfect blog post
There are many posts like this, but I like the third suggestion of “Have the courage to be real.”
Technology and Inventions Don’t Make it a Business
Martin asks some great questions such as “Can you build a winning team?”, “Can it even be commercialized?”, and “Can you sell it for five times the cost?”
Business Innovation – 45 Articles to Improve Your Organization’s Success
Mike Brown delivers another great post which could be a book. 🙂 Great collection of articles on Innovation Strategy, Whole Brain Thinking, Innovation Techniques, Market-Driven Innovation, Innovation Challenges, and Innovation in Practice
10 Old New Rules for Business Emails
“Email is now the dominant form of business communication and should be treated as such. Some uniform policies help everyone stay on track.”

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