Customer Experience Management

Customer Experience Management

Why did I choose this resource?

I chose this resource to gain knowledge about the customer experience and why it is so important to a business.

What did you learn from it?

I learned the 5 step process to creating the best customer experience and why doing so brings success to a company.

Key Knowledge

  • Customers are the most vital aspect in the success or failure of a company
  • Customer Experience Management (CEM)
    • Marketing and customer service strategy
    • Examines customer experience – from the product itself, through the buying process, and finishing with product usage by the customer
  • 5 Steps to Understanding the Customer
    • Analyze
      • Define your customer as precisely as possible
        • Target
          • B2C – Business to Consumer – pleasure
          • B2B – Business to Business (Anant) – work
        • Focus
          • buyers
          • users
      • Analyze your customer’s experience
        • Context – experience
        • Usage
        • Product Category
        • Brand
      • Track the steps of their experience
        • The trend
        • The situation
        • The category
        • The fans
      • Note what your competitors are doing
        • Direct competition
        • Upstarts
        • Outside your industry
    • Build the platform.
      • Positioning – meaning of the brand
      • “Experiential Value Promise” – EVP – States exactly what the customer will receive from the product/service
      • “Implementation theme” – Concretely manifests the platform
    • Design the experience.
      • Advertising
      • Online presence
      • Logos
      • Signs
      • Packaging
      • Retail environment
      • MORE
    • Structure the interface and link them together.
      • “Essence and Flexibility” – people like to know a real person is involved
      • “Style and Substance” – balance
      • Time
    • Innovate continuously in small and large ways.
      • Draws in new customers
      • Develops a stronger loyalty with existing customers

How are you using what you learned?

I am using what I learned to analyze our customer experience from beginning to end.

Key Changes / Key Actions

  • Research what our competitors and other companies are doing
  • Use the 5 step program to understand our customers
  • Implement a formal CEM program


  • Name : Customer Experience Management
  • Author : Bernd H. Schmitt
  • Link to Book

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