What Attracts and Motivates Top Talent

Image of Executive Edge: What Attracts and Motivates Top Talent

Why did I choose this resource?

I chose this resource to learn how to draw in and retain highly talented people.

What did you learn from it?

I learned the best practices of attracting manager or executive talent and how to retain/replace it. I also learned how to recognize when an employee has lost motivation and is attempting to leave.

Key Knowledge

  • The War for Talent
    • Talented people want to be:
      • passionate about their work
      • inspired by their company and leaders
    • EVP – Employee Value Proposition
      • exhilarating work
      • distinguished corporation
      • appealing compensation
      • development opportunities
  • Multipliers
    • “The Talent Magnet”
      • appeal to a person’s distinct intellect
      • generate an environment of genius
      • draw in talented people and use them to the fullest extent
    • Cycle of attraction
      • leader surrounds themselves with top notch, “A” players
      • “A” players attract positive attention and move on to bigger opportunities with support from the leader
      • Other inside and outside the company witness this growth and strive to be a part of the leader’s team
    • Cycle of attraction practices
      • Look for talent everywhere
      • Find a person’s native genius
      • Utilized people to their fullest
      • Remove the barriers
  • Who
    • Sell – Persuading “A” players to be a part of your team
      • Fit
      • Family
      • Freedom
      • Fortune
      • Fun
  • Deciding Who Leads
    • Onboarding, information about a companies:
      • culture
      • strategy
      • key influences
      • decision makers
      • productivity traps
      • identifiable wins
    • Necessary to avoid rejection and ensure a good fit
  • The 7 Hidden Reasons Employees Leave
    • Process of disengagement over days, months, or years
    • Sequential and predictable steps from disengagement to departure
    • Causes of disengagement:
      • need for trust
      • need for hope
      • need for sense of worth
      • need to feel competent
  • The Talented Powered Organization
    • Talent and engagement are both vital to an organizations success.
    • Main drivers of engagement
      • Content
      • Coping
      • Compensation
      • Community
      • Congruence
      • Career
  • The 2020 Workplace
    • Extremely important to know and understand that each generation has different preferences and expectations related to the workplace.
  • The Inspiring Leader
    • Highly skilled and at inspiring and motivating others
    • Clear and concise outcomes
      • Productivity
      • Confidence
      • Optimism / Hope
      • Initiative
      • Responsible Behavior
      • Enthusiasm
      • Resilience
    • Actions to inspire
      • Use emotion
      • Reach out
      • Set an aggressive target
      • Create a detailed vision of the future
      • Practice abundant communication

How are you using what you learned?

I am using what I learned to refine our recruiting process and to generate ideas for motivating and inspiring our current employees/contractors.

Key Changes / Key Actions

  • Update/Refine recruiting process
  • Research different methods to inspire our team


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