Slideshare – Four Excellent Presentations on Strategy

In the consulting world, people use jargon to mask the realities of the work. Ultimately it comes down to thought and action. Strategic thinking with tactical action means success, if success is defined well. While reviewing these won’t get a job tomorrow by making you an expert, these slides are a good way to start to understand and differentiate “strategy.”
What is Strategy? – Very educational. Not just quotes. 
[slideshare id=1687829&doc=strategy-090706132815-phpapp01]
Strategy Grand Tour – Quotes, Pictures, Good references to Books
[slideshare id=54019&doc=strategy-grand-tour-20096]
Business Strategy Development: Key Concepts and Frameworks – Another good starting point
[slideshare id=557492&doc=strategy-development-key-concepts-1218896326783832-9]
Strategic Planning for Managers – A tactical presentation on Strategy
[slideshare id=51898&doc=strategic-planning-for-managers-13554]

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