Products & Services Vision

What we create, produce or deliver is our offering to the world. It represents more than just a great Product, a quality Service, or a useful Site. Our Products & Services represents the culmination of all of our activities in the company to create a delighted client or customer – -someone who is better off as they try to run a company on the Internet — because they knew about and used what we had to offer them.

Deliver a service that integrates the modern enterprise framework and the appleseed software platform to help people run their companies on the internet


The big hairy audacious goal for our company’s software products is to run every company in the world using our platform: Appleseed. Any entrepreneur in the world should be able start a company, offer their catalog of products and services, and start generating revenue in 24 hours with our software. Our product brand should be equated to the best platform to run a company on the internet. Our biggest challenge here is to be create a platform which is open, simple, easy to use, and fun to use, yet robust for a company’s growth.

  1. Appleseed –  The core portal framework that we forked from Rainbow
  2. Leaves – The basic knowledge base engine that we forked from Kigg
  3. KonoTree – The intelligent knowledge engine that we will build
  4. Pattern – The easiest way to create internet applications
  5. Gravitron – The artificial intelligence engine.


The big hairy audacious goal for our company’s professional services is to advise entrepreneurs and leaders everywhere on how to run their organizations on the internet. Our service brand should be equated to the best internet consulting companies in the world. Our biggest challenge here is to build a team of thought leaders that are unparalleled in the world in our experience, knowledge, and innovation.

  1. Projects – CTO Service that is focused on creating or innovating new technology development.
  2. Retainers – CIO Service that is focused around managing infrastructure using Enterprise Architecture / ITIL practices.
  3. Advisory – External CIO / CTO for strategy, advise, representation at pitches, etc. 


The big hairy audacious goal for our company’s knowledge sites is to provide entrepreneurs and leaders the best place to find and acquire knowledge and build professional relationships related to their goals. Our biggest challenge here is to create technology that parallels and surpasses that of the search engines and social networks as being the defacto source for professional knowledge and relationships in the world.

  1. – Where our team, clients, and partners should look to be educated about what is going in our industry.
  2. – Where entrepreneurs should look to continuously learn about the concepts of the modern enterprise and how to run a company on the internet.
  3. – Where designers, developers, and entrepreneurs should come to when they have questions about how to build new sites using, appleseed, and the bleeding edge in web technologies.
  4. ??? – As we create KonoTree to scale from thousands of pieces of curated knowledge to millions, we need to look to future and think about become the world’s biggest knowledge engine.

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